Gaai Aur Gori

Gaai Aur Gori

Bollywood 1973

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Gaai Aur Gori torrent reviews

Jason M (ca) wrote: Buscemi and Malco were great in this movie...

Tim R (de) wrote: Apocalypto is a brutal and astonishing movie directed by legendary Mel Gibson!

Hannah L (ru) wrote: No explain this movie.

amy m (us) wrote: erm yeah ive seen better

Rhonda F (kr) wrote: Cool ass movie!! WAY different than I expected. The imagery and music were well done, even though it as obviously done on a tight budget. It managed to pull me in even though...

Hannah H (jp) wrote: Confused, predictable plot. But a man melts and there's boobies.

Greg W (fr) wrote: great first director 4 sydney

Jessica L (kr) wrote: Danny Kaye is awesome!

Brad S (br) wrote: First time watching this masterpiece from Japanese legend Yasujiro Ozu, and I loved it. Just a beautiful film that deals with his usual themes of family. He likes to tell small stories, but does so in a detailed and profound way. The is one of the all-time greats of International cinema. Highly recommended!

Cedric L (ag) wrote: Iconic with impressive Hitchcock directing.

Keith A (br) wrote: This film is really not that bad and worth a watch. However, it is completely unoriginal and very slowly paced. It seemed similar to Wrong Turn but where Wrong Turn succeeded this one failed. The characters in Madison County had no personalities and forced back stories that I just didn't care about.