Gaali Medalu

Gaali Medalu

Bollywood 1962

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
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Gaali Medalu torrent reviews

Luciano G (mx) wrote: This movie is strictly for fans of the 2013 movie, or even if you didn't like that film, but just happen to enjoy Andrews books,.. as a TV movie, it's reasonable but not that great.....

Marc L (ag) wrote: Je n'ai jamais pris la peine de regarder les deux premiers pisodes, n'ai pas l'intention de m'amender l'avenir et apparemment, je peux mme m'pargner cette peine : "La vrit si je mens! 3" c'est la mme chose, les mmes embrouilles, le mme genre de rpliques, les mmes archtypes qui rejouent leur partition sans se prendre la tte parce qu'en fin de compte, c'est tout ce que le public demande. Signe des temps, "l'ennemi" n'est plus simplement la grande distribution et la mondialisation tueuse de petits commerces mais bien les Chinois, qui bossent pour rien et produisent beaucoup. Une poigne de gags un peu mous, de rebondissements redondants et de tackles verbaux entre Juifs du Sentier, "La vrit si je mens!3" ne cherche pas conqurir de nouveaux publics. Il est vrai qu'il n'en a pas besoin: l'instar des "Bronzs 3", l'objectif n'est pas d'innover ou de rvolutionner la comdie populaire mais bien d'offrir un dernier tour de piste des personnages bien connus du public, qui ont eu leur heure de gloire il y a dj un certain nombre d'annes. D'o cette impression persistante de comdie qui ne se foule pas, voire mme cette impression de rien du tout en particulier pour ceux qui, comme moi, n'ont jamais suivi avec passion les msaventures de Dov, Patrick & Cie.

Kioku Kage Ryu (nl) wrote: it was ok for a zombie movie. they did well considering the veal they've been coming out with these days. same kind of premise apocalypse zombie are the majority few survivors. there's a sex scene and some fire but other than that justice for a girl about to get raped love what happened to that bastard he deserved it. zombie fans don't have high expectations but still its good enough to watch.

Bill M (mx) wrote: I prefer brioche to Binoche.

Janika Maria B (gb) wrote: Awwww......that's me in 10 years

Susanna K (fr) wrote: Like it was better than I thought it would be BUT it wasn't great either.

Stefan G (es) wrote: This film is probably one of the finest films made by Studio Ghibli, even though Hayao Miyazaki didn't direct the film. The way I see it, the film is essentially like Spirited Away (currently the most popular Ghibli film), although much shorter, and with much more of a whimsically comical and overall positive tone. The story starts as a surreal comedy about a schoolgirl's adventure with cats, and ends as a swashbuckling tale much like in the days of Errol Flynn. The film may only be 75 minutes long, but to me, it's a very straightforward fantasy adventure. To be frank, making it any longer would only hinder the film's pacing. What the makes the film so charming to watch, aside from the beautiful animation, is the stellar performances given by every character, be it from the main character, the Baron, or the king of the cats. The English voice cast delivers in every possible way, and they add a level of charm that is absent from many of its American animated contemporaries. Although the ending was a bit too much of a magic solution ending, the film is a highly engaging fantasy that I couldn't take my eyes away from, even with the very vague presence of saccharine overtones.

Javin M (us) wrote: Pretty darn funny, and it makes me want to go snowboarding so bad!!!

Nicholas H (au) wrote: I'm glad Aaliyahs dead...she's awful.

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First viewing - Early 1998 in theaters)

Grant S (gb) wrote: Surprisingly good. Starts off in very silly and random fashion, but gets better and better as it goes on. The twists toward the end are great, and completely unpredictable.Great cast, of stars and stars-to-be: Christopher Walken, Dennis Leary, Jay Mohr, Sean Patrick Flannery. Christopher Walken brings his usual brooding intensity, Dennis Leary the humour and wisecracks (apparently many of his lines were ad libbed) and Jay Mohr the insanity. Also includes Johnny Galecki, long before he was famous for Big Bang Theory, and Laura San Giacomo in a minor role.

Hisashi S (ag) wrote: one of the few films that has violence and beauty together in one piece.

Bobsie L (ru) wrote: i want to see this movie

Kunal P (nl) wrote: Really master piece....Salute to Amir Khan...

Private U (gb) wrote: Watched this when I was a little girl at Grandma's, loved it then and still love it!

Edith N (br) wrote: The real Hollywood Canteen was a multi-studio affair. Even before it had opened, over 3000 people in the entertainment industry had signed up to volunteer. Obviously, not all of those people were stars, but stars were prominently featured, and probably in public places as opposed to behind the scenes. Bette Davis, who shows up a lot here, was one of the founders, a woman who worked tirelessly for the war effort to the extent of wanting servicemembers to get into the Oscars. (The Academy didn't go for it.) John Garfield, her co-founder, is here, too, but not as notably. The thing is, though, while the canteen itself was populated by the great and lesser-known and anonymous of every studio in Hollywood, the other studios wouldn't go along for the picture. The real millionth visitor to the Canteen got kissed by Betty Grable, that greatest of World War II pinups, but she's not here, because she was under contract at 20th Century Fox. Corporal Ed "Slim" Green (Robert Hutton) has been wounded in the Pacific and sent to recover in LA. He wanders aimlessly around town until a counterman at a crap lunch counter tells him about the Hollywood Canteen, a thing he has somehow failed to learn about from all the other servicemen all over the place. Anyway, it's free to servicemen--and women!--so off he goes, ending up in a convoluted love affair with real-life actress Joan Leslie. (She was the "good girl" in [i]High Sierra[/i], and she was in that documentary we did the other day about Hollywood musicals.) A lot of it appears to be a slightly-exaggerated version of the real-life canteens, with celebrities all over the place, being friendly, serving meals, and generally performing. All kinds of great people from the Warner Bros. studio appear. Barbara Stanwyck is serving sandwiches. Eddie Cantor, fresh from washing dishes, is encouraged to come up and sing a song. On the other hand, there's that improbable love affair, which goes so far as to have Joan take Slim home to meet her family. There's even the touching farewell at the train. Silly. For fans of older movies, this is a fun film. There's Joe E. Brown, best known for his zinger at the end of [i]Some Like It Hot[/i]. Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre intimidating a soldier threatening to dance an Andrews Sister's arm out of her socket. Roy Rogers and Trigger. Ida Lupino. Jane Wyman. Any number of others, the minor and the major. Half the studio seems to have turned out. No Bogart, even though--obviously--he was a Warner Bros. star, too. Few of the male stars put in an appearance, and not all the female ones. (There is, for example, no Olivia de Havilland, even though she volunteered there.) But Rosalind Russell was Columbia. Joan Fontaine was RKO. Ava Gardner was MGM. Rita Hayworth was Columbia. And so forth. (Though it is also true that a lot of the volunteers we think of as big stars didn't really make it until after the war.) Even the musicians were Warner Bros. The funny thing is that what might well seem the implausible part--like, of course, Barbara Stanwyck serving sandwiches--isn't. The whole point of the thing was to improve morale, and what better for that than to hang out with Red Skelton, Bob Hope--or Gene Tierney? What's more, World War II was probably the most patriotic war the US was ever involved in. Every other war has involved great uncertainty. Woodrow Wilson got elected in World War I on the slogan "He Kept Us Out of the War." (Though, naturally, we then joined.) Eisenhower got elected by promising to go to Korea and seeing what he could do to end that. There were actually riots in New York during the Civil War over the draft, and McClellan became a serious candidate in 1864 by promising to bring a settlement with the Confederacy. But World War II? We'd been attacked, and it was clear that the people who'd done it were big fans of taking over countries. So everyone could get behind that. (Or so you'd think, anyway.) A Hollywood Canteen today would not get the same kind of star power. The special features accompanying it are worth a look, too. There are a couple of cartoons--including one that requires that great Warners disclaimer about how they know the thing is racist (though so far as I can tell, it's pretty much only offensive if you are, yourself, Hermann Gring, which is unlikely), but to pretend the offensive bits didn't exist would be wrong--a statement, as it happens, that I agree with, and the Warners cartoons were never remotely so offensive as the Popeye ones! There's also a fascinating bit called "I Am an American," celebrating the immigrant experience in America and the contributions immigrants have made over US history. Some people need to watch it, clearly.

Leena L (au) wrote: A rather decent thriller, had blissfully forgotten what it was all about. Kept me entertained and on the edge, so could not have been bad, right?

Robbie V (mx) wrote: A rambling southern US road trip with two hard drinking gambling addicts. Thoroughly enjoyable.