Durga (Jagapathi Babu) is in love with Anitha (Revathi); he is all set to marry her and settle down in life. But things change when his brother Mohanakrishna (Charan Raj) is killed by Gurunarayana (Kota Srinivas Rao), the local MLA, and Durga wants to settle the score with the mafia. Anitha does not approve of his way. She marries a cop. Durga & the cop become enemies of Gurunarayana. He is finally arrested.

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Gaayam torrent reviews

shiela B (br) wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE

Conrad T (jp) wrote: Great movie. Funny too.

Chris S (es) wrote: Decent, especially for the first 2/3rds or so until the cars actually show up. They introduce the race in a rather strange way; all of a sudden the cars are completely ready yet it seems like the prisoners had no idea. And from that point on the acting goes downhill and the cheese factor goes up by a few notches.

Matt F (fr) wrote: Brilliant! from beginning to end a steampunk dream. Highly worth checking out!

Kerby H (it) wrote: This was so terrible, Snoop Dogg couldn't even save it. Nothing but terrible gross out gags.

Mr N (jp) wrote: Weaker than its predecessor, however it still features sexy cars (and women), fun action and of course a lot of mindless entertainment that made the first one great.

camilo N (ca) wrote: i love cheesy bad movies but this one was slow and boring and the leads had little chemistry. best part: staring at their good looks thats all.

Hanna (jp) wrote: M.Streep and J.Irons give a stunning performance, but it's a poor adaptation that mostly lacks the placement of events in Chile.

Hieu N (us) wrote: Original and up-lifting, surprisingly. Acting was great, and CCH Pounder was excellent. And such a haunting beautiful score.

dan b (us) wrote: Ok if you ever accidentally witness a satanic sacrifice get as far away as you can as fast as you can, but i suppose doing so would make for a boring movie. The dummies in this movie almost seem to be asking for it and i'd find it annoying if it weren't so darn entertaining.

Michael L (ag) wrote: if you like your norweigan accents wicked fake, then this is for you! seriosuly though, its a well intentioned melodrama...the kind that has soft music playing behind it the entire damn movie. it is however, a little long and irene dunne's accent is awful as is oskar homolka (the most brooklyn jew sound norweigan to walk the earth)

Daniel M (ag) wrote: Great story about a corrupted NYCPD. Very dark and grimy with thrilling moments, 50 actually surprised me on this one, he acted well. 4/5

Michael T (us) wrote: A stronger script would of helped this mega talented cast a long way. I could sit through it once.

Mloy X (ag) wrote: Edward Randolph (Otto Kruger): Once you find the way, you'll be bound. It will obsess you, but believe me, it will be a magnificent obsession.I understand the nostalgia for this picture and I had to keep in mind the era in which this film was made. All the incredible incidents, the few laughable events and somewhat convenient outcome, all of these are products of a much simpler time and I'm afraid doesn't really hold up with the cynicism of this era but as cheesy and far-fetched the plot may seem, this movie had a good heart and a truly inspiring message. The actors were pretty likeable too, which added to the appeal of the movie. I mean, during the time, you couldn't get a hotter and more bankable star than the truly gorgeous Rock Hudson (who played Bob Merrick), who had a good on-screen chemistry with leading lady, Jane Wyman (who played Helen Phillips), who was also wonderful. Even the supporting cast was great: the spunky Joyce Phillips (played by Barbara Rush); Randolph, the wise old sage, who becomes Bob's moral compass (played by the brilliant Otto Kruger) and last but not least, ever enchanting Agnes Moorehead, who plays Nurse Nancy (Ashford) but who will always be endeared to me as the flamboyantly mischievous Endora from "Bewitched". Overall, as melodramatic as this film was and one-evil-twin short of the stereotypical soap opera, it's simply a well-intentioned love-story and I can't begrudge it for that.

Shane R (es) wrote: Hits you right in the feels. Really loved it.

Chili D (nl) wrote: A John Hughes script, directed by Harold Ramis and starring Chevy Chase. It's pretty much foul proof method. This move is a perfect comedy. Outrageous but still relatable. Silly but fun. Chase's best acting to date. Deep down inside I think we all have a little Clark Griswold.

Sam S (gb) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen