Gabon: The Last Eden

Gabon: The Last Eden


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ivindo,   loango,  

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Gabon: The Last Eden torrent reviews

Taba H (fr) wrote: Tunnelmallinen alku ja suomalaisittain toimiva dialogi pistavat leffan kivasti kayntiin, kuvan synkka kontrasti ja musat ok, hahmotkin ihan ok, mutta lopussa homma menee perseelleen, kun liikaa asioita jatetaan selittamatta (onko kyse jostain pahasta entiteetista, kenties hyvista voimista, alieneista vai mista...), ilmioille lahdetaan aluksi rakentamaan kiinnostavaa taustaa, mutta tama vain lakaistaa pois, alun tytonkin rooli taydessa epasuhdassa hypeen nahden, ja mita se musta paska oikein on...

Drew B (ca) wrote: This entry in the franchise is lazy and stupid, and tries too hard to bring back the chemistry between its two stars

Erik H (us) wrote: a really beautiful flick. i'm not sure that i had any complaints about it whatsoever. great soundtrack, great acting, great story. poignant as all hell. quirky, touching, disgusting, shocking, intense, raw/whatever.

Deb S (au) wrote: This was a story about a lonely and alienated Goth-like teenager named Jennifer Wilson (Leelee Sobieski) who has a lot of personal baggage (and almost unrecognizable under the tattoos, body piercings and a suicidal fetish.) Then she meets a grumpy clothing store owner (Albert Brooks) and little by little, they generate a real friendship. All bodes well for this tale of the unlikely friendship between two very different characters, who manage to connect despite these differences, not the least being the vast age differences (he's 49 and she is 17). They are clearly soul mates but not in the sexual sense (which in hinted at in one hilarious moment when Jennifer asks Randall upfront if he wants to f**k her and he promptly chokes on his Sanka coffee).

Heidi Y (jp) wrote: Guy Pearce Rocks! I don't normally like him as an actor but in this movie he made my heart throb... Worth watching!

Tiberio S (de) wrote: Of the Sandler-style comedies, this is my favorite one.

Pip D (br) wrote: Was looking for a film to teach at school and someone suggested this - gave it a viewing and was very impressed. Def worth watching. Great performance byt Eccleston (as always) and the guy from Press Gang was good too!

nathaniel c (ca) wrote: This film is just your run of the mill mystery film, just staring J.J. Gittes (Jack Nicholson ) from one of the greatest films of all time "Chinatown". Nothing is special about this film all it is a simple mystery, with alright cinematography, and all it has going for it is great acting coming from Jack and Harvey Klitel. Short review, yes I know, but this film is hard to speak about due to how normal it is, and is nothing compared to Chinatown the original, I only recommend this film if you want to catch up on Mr.Gittes.

Nate T (it) wrote: Not bad as a Jack The Ripper film but as a movie it's basic.