A simple burglary spirals violently out of control when two professional thieves break into a Hollywood Hills mansion in search of riches and instead find a man who has been bound, gagged and imprisoned in the massive estate. Upon making their grim discovery the morally conflicted pair makes a series of poor decisions that leads to a bloody battle for survival against a killer with no conscience and no remorse! A nightmare of greed, deceit, gut-wrenching violence and friendship put to the ultimate test, Gag is cutting-edge suspense horror at its spine-tingling best.

Two professional thieves break into a house in search of a safe, only to discover a man beaten beyond recognition, tied down to torn mattress in a hidden room. They decide to help, only to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gag torrent reviews

Piers C (ag) wrote: CGI, acting, accents and eyebrows. All incredible.

Dan E (gb) wrote: The films quips and gags are certainly entertaining. And whilst I cant say its the best in the Iron Man trilogy (let alone the MCU), it's definitely better than Thor 2.

Sawan K (us) wrote: So much like Chak De! IndiaGood entertainer and provides a true message, not acted well from all parts though.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: The Kingdom is directed by Peter Berg, and it stars Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, and Jason Bateman in an action thriller about a small FBI investigative team going to Saudi Arabia when there was a bombing attack there. I wasn't really hyped up to go see this as I felt like this isn't going to be interesting, despite the fact that it has Peter Berg as the director. I enjoyed the film, but I'm probably not going to remember much about The Kingdom. The acting is terrific in this, and the direction by Peter Berg is really good, especially with the action scenes which are the most entertaining part of the film. The characters are fine, although Jamie Foxx and Ashraf Barhom's characters are the most developed out of them all. It's nice to see that the movie addresses it out that not all of the Saudi Arabia citizens are portrayed evil, and the soundtrack by Danny Elfman is really nice and a different approach to his usuals. The script by Matthew Michael Carnahan is fine, but it was going through a formula that you seen before in other action films. I wasn't as interested as I thought was going to be from director Peter Berg, but I was mildly interested at best. The Kingdom is not one of Peter Berg's best films, but it's not Battleship, so I'm ok with that.

Lou S (fr) wrote: the greeks have a pantent on tragedy I loved it! second to from the edge of the city

bill s (us) wrote: Just a very bad script to go with questionable acting.

Colleen Michelle B (kr) wrote: This is one of my new favorite movies. I just love when they were trying to have alone time and that one guys roomate interupted. It was funny too when that one dancer guy was like "u have lesbian issues." lol.

Jon F (it) wrote: This film has a good 80's feel it's not bad but not great? You get to see Linda Hamilton Boob and leaves you with the question. Was Tommy Lee Jones ever young?

Chris G (gb) wrote: Hard to decide which one is better.... the man with the gopher(turtle) or the avid turkey hunter.

Robert E (ag) wrote: So bad it's good. Have a few drinks, sit back then ridicule the bad acting, bad script, cheap sets and dreadful male chauvinism. Hey, Zsa Zsa looked great. Never seen her at that age before.

Ann J (ag) wrote: Excellent movie and acting! It shows values that are lacking in our culture today.

bereNiCe B (kr) wrote: Me gusta el personaje de Jimmy Fallon.

Pebbles A (au) wrote: this movie was great

Aaron G (au) wrote: The Stan Lee cameo makes it worth it, but this is a textbook case of what happens when the studio funds you: bigger budget= creative compromise.

Cody W (es) wrote: love vampire Hunter D