Flight No. SK 957, Star Jet bound for Delhi is set to take off from Chennai on a Monday morning. Terrorists in a team of five, disguised as passengers take over the Star jet flight, ...

Flight No. SK 957, Star Jet bound for Delhi is set to take off from Chennai on a Monday morning. Terrorists in a team of five, disguised as passengers take over the Star jet flight, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gaganam torrent reviews

Manuelito N (ca) wrote: the script is good, but the music sucs !

Andrew B (br) wrote: Non-spoilers firstGreat movie.A really unique way of filming, using a digital camera of questionable quality. A really unique way of writing, giving actors new scripts each day, apparently channeling some Godard. And a narrative so twisted and surreal it makes Eraserhead look like Inception.The plot, or maybe plots, or maybe even more precisely the complete lack of plot, earns its reputation for being extremely experimental. I think I have a pretty good idea of the main themes that are being explored but I'm not entirely sure how they are meant to reacted to.*Spoilers for those who haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend watching the movie first before reading about it's contents*For me I feel like the movie is exploring the fragility of modern domestic life, and the different ways sexual liberation, and to a certain extent sexual abuse and human sex trafficking, have effected "traditional" family structures. There are also some very meta elements portraying how media portrays relationships and how a person's expectations can be shaped by what they see in fiction.

Nate T (it) wrote: Fun brainless movie...

Mike P (ru) wrote: DeNiro ridiculing himself is hilarious and Crystal give one of his less annoying performances. The duo definitely had reasonable chemistry and a great supporting cast.

Drew M (gb) wrote: Engaging and provocative. Anthony Hopkins is exceptional! Probably could have trimmed about 20 minutes off of the duration. Solid cast.

Cody C (gb) wrote: I've avoided seeing this for a long time because I'm stupid. Turns out it's great. It's fun seeing Johnny Depp do Christian Slater. Also it's very touching in a lot of ways. I relate to the filmmaking struggle.

Benjamin W (gb) wrote: Highly artistic. The black and white was definitely accentuated through the filming style. Pretty crazy trippy.

LouisPhilippe D (br) wrote: Well, if you watch it in a ''so bad it's good'' matter, you may have a good time. It's really shitty! At least, Stallone says the title of the film at the end, that's a huge payoff!

Jenn F (us) wrote: I managed to locate this movie the other day after years of looking for it. It stars a very young Neil Patrick Harris and Dustin Diamond. I can remember watching it over and over and over as a child, so I had to find it for my own child. She loved it just as much as I always did. It's got great music, and appearances by Little Richard and Chubby Checker :) If you remember this movie from when you were a kid you'll understand why I like it so much.

Naoya K (es) wrote: The first collaboration of the producer (and leading actor) Alan Tang and writer Kar-wai Wong who later make "As Tears Go By" together. It has overwhelming violence and human drama of great depth. What makes this film different from other Hong Kong mafia action is probably the clear position against violence which is symbolized with the ending. Destructive and dark conclusion that Wong, as a screenplay writer, always prepares for the hero is strong message about emptiness of violence. In terms of style, it's quite orthodox, but it strengthens the drama of bond between the two men and between them and their lovers. Alan Tang and Yun-fat Chow give vivid and passionate performances, and the heroin Pat Ha's beauty is standing out in this very manly picture. This film is very valuable also to know where Kar-wai Wong's origin is. An overlooked masterpiece.

Stephanie A (fr) wrote: I liked it better than I thought -- very fun and well acted

Mark D (kr) wrote: A really stupid film with a very LAME plot and ridiculous finish. Clint picks an old man over a hot blond!

Matt K (br) wrote: A great vehicle for Sinatra's talents. This story sort of reminded me of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANIES, about a talented man kept by an older woman, but in love with another. Some great, classic songs here including "Bewitched, bothered and Bewildered", "The Lady is a tramp" and "My Funny Valentine" Found out this movie pushed the envelope in 1957, because Kim Novak does a strip scene, tame by today's standards.

Trae K (ru) wrote: One of the most underrated and overlooked movies ever made on the face of the planet. Peter Jackson is my favorite director of all time, and he put in a lot of extreme craft, passion, emotion, and spirit into this remake of the 1933 original, which is the movie that had inspired him to be a filmmaker ever since he was a young child. I also don't see what some people have against Jack, at ALL, because not only did I bought into his character and fully understood his motivations in this film, but he has shown that he is NOT always just a goofy comedian! He gave some excellent dramatic acting chops in here, and I even felt for the guy at times throughout. What are you people complaining about, really?

Noname (ca) wrote: Great sport drama movie with K Russell. True story and nice acting.

Alec L (br) wrote: Low grade political thriller that promises more than the stereotypes it delivers.

Charlie L (ag) wrote: A thoughtful police drama held up by some solid acting.

Jens Svavar H (fr) wrote: one of the funniest movies I have ever seen XD

Luke G (kr) wrote: one of van damme s best movies