Gagma napiri

Gagma napiri

A young refugee and his mother flee war and ethnic cleansing in the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, leaving his father behind. After arriving in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, the ...

A young refugee and his mother flee war and ethnic cleansing in the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, leaving his father behind. After arriving in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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familiar s (fr) wrote: November 21, 2012With enough witty dialogues & a better scripting, "OMG: Oh My God!" could have been a highly entertaining ride. The movie starts interestingly, but fails to maintain the tempo. The entertainment level keeps depleting as the movie unfolds. The ending is disastrous. Akshay Kumar's character is created lousily, and his weak performance only makes it worse. Paresh Rawal is okay, but Mithun and Mahesh Manjrekar act as showpieces. Keep your expectations lower than reasonable, and you may be satisfied with a few laughs the movie manages to deliver. My expectations were a bit higher than 2.5/5 herein.*Add-it (on August 25, 2014) --> Better try "The Man Who Sued God" IF you're not so fond of Bollywood movies. Otherwise, OMG is not that bad a remake. Of course, as said earlier, it could have been a bit more entertaining.

Edison H (us) wrote: Muy buena como la primera. Recordando la infancia xD

Mr Mrs Richardson (ag) wrote: Abishek Bachchan delivers a wonderful performance as the self made business tycoon, Guru. This is an absorbing drama that is as equally well written as it is projected onto the big screen it was a breath of fresh air Aishwarya Rai was wonderful as always

actorschecklistcom a (jp) wrote: Very well made film that gains traction from the point of the bodega scene on.

Ahmed A (us) wrote: vivid depiction of in between with unprejudiced notion. well crafted and original...rating 4/5

Grace A (jp) wrote: In the comedy, "Bruce Almighty", Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is passed over for a job as anchorman on their local news channel. He believes that God is forgetting his needs and blatantly ignoring him. God (Morgan Freeman) contacts Bruce and gives him all his powers as a test for Bruce to show that he can do a better job. With his new powers, Bruce uses them for himself until he realizes the world's prayers are being unanswered. Before writing this review, I have watched Bruce Almighty countless times. It's my favorite movie, it's funny, and my sister and I enjoy watching it together because it's a very family friendly film.Based on the first category, Action, I would give this movie an A. There's little suspense, but the comedy in the film keeps the viewer interested. A good example of action in this film is when Bruce runs into a group of gang members beating on a homeless man, later he runs into the same group, this time, scaring them off using his newly found powers.This movie deserves an A in the category, Actors. Jim Carrey is so funny and outgoing but also believably serious when he is needed to be. A great example of this is when he asks Grace (his ex girlfriend) to come back to him and give him another chance (serious). When she refused he tried to use his powers to make her love him again even when he knew he couldn't go against free will (goofy). I gave Bruce Almighty an A in the category, storyline. The story is wacky, funny, and easy to follow. An example of putting comedy into this movie is when Bruce went to the cafe right after gaining God's powers and prating the tomato soup, resembling the parting of the red sea mentioned in the Bible.In my opinion, this film is an A in length.The runtime is about an hour and 40 minutes long. The movie is not extremely long but it's long enough to keep the viewers interested and you definitely feel satisfied by the end.In the category, cinematography, I rated this film a B. It doesn't have horrible editing and effects but they're not extremely impressive or believable. An example of this is when Bruce was filming a segment on his news channel and wanted to bring interest, so, using his powers, he made a meteorite crash down in the distance. Not fabulous editing but it made it funny.As a result, in my opinion, this move has 4 A's and 1 B. It's a great family movie and it's funny, Interesting, goofy, and some-what sad at times. It's perfect for late movie nights if you're looking for a good laugh.

GringoTex J (de) wrote: I have never seen a more authentic representation of bourgeoisie vacation in Latin America, of the child/nanny relationship, or of a gaggle of kids. Lucrecia Martel is the Cassavetes/Truffaut of her time and place. She builds her entire narrative on the near-abstraction of faces and bodies (like Cassavetes) all tied up in the tender spaces of Truffaut.

Philip V (mx) wrote: Very different movie. I liked it but it's not action packed like you're typical van damme movie. It does have it's dry moments, no pun intended since it takes place in the desert, but all in all it's a pretty good movie.

Fau N (au) wrote: Contains the single best fight scene in the history of film.

Manuel P (ru) wrote: DIOS PQ PERMITES ESTO!!!!

Allan C (kr) wrote: "Oh I'm interviewing nurses, of course. Don't be silly, darling, of course she'll be fat and ugly. I do insist on good legs though." Charlton Heston plays a idealistic (though clearly sexist) doctor from a small mining community, who get's lured by Lizabeth Scott into a cushy high society doctor job prescribing lonely ladies pills. You can guess where the story goes from there. It's a pretty weak melodrama only elevated by Heston and Scott.

Kyle B (gb) wrote: I adore musicals but this one just lacked the fun or energy of most musical movies. One of the biggest factors why it lacked energy was because the performances were really flat to the point no one really sang in this movie they just spoke all the songs. Hermione Gingold is so overdramatic as are the others that do a scene with her and the story is just not interesting at all. Vincente Minnelli really didn't add much life like he did with An American in Paris either. The high points would be Leslie Caron who did fine for what she was working with and the art direction and costumes. It's not the worst Best Picture winner of all time but it is in the lower group

Martin P (nl) wrote: Straight to video bollocks..,

Kevin A (kr) wrote: Though, it is slow at times, Beginners is a charming yet sad realization to what real love is about and the tragedy to what it feels like to be alone.

Peter P (mx) wrote: Good acting from Dano and De Niro, although the story dragged a bit in the middle.

Deanna B (de) wrote: Sadly not one of his best films

Alex r (au) wrote: Throughout the 80's there have been numerous vampire films that have made their mark on the genre. Once Bitten is a vampire film that seems to be forgotten among the more popular vamp flicks of the 80's. Jim Carrey's first film is a fun, entertaining comedy horror film that deserves to be rediscovered by genre fans. The film isn't a standout affair compared to Fright Night or The Lost Boys, but it's still a good little film for what it is. The cast are good in their parts, and there's enough effective material to make this a must watch for vampire film fans. The film has plenty of potential of being a standout vamp flick, but it does come up short in a few parts. Nonetheless, this is a far better film than what everyone has claimed it to be. The film isn't perfect, but it definitely doesn't deserve all the flack it received upon initial release. For what it is, Once Bitten is a mindless, entertaining vampire comedy that is a surprisingly effective film despite its limitations. Jim Carrey here is enjoyable and it is among his best films. The blends of comedy and horror work well, and the film is enjoyable enough for you to forget its flaws. This is an overlooked gem that deserves to be rediscovered by genre fans. The film is entertaining and lots of fun, and it's another good vamp flick from the 80's. If you love vampire films, Once Bitten is a different take on the genre, but one that satisfies if you're in the right mood.