Galaxina is a lifelike, voluptuous android who is assigned to oversee the operations of an intergalactic Space Police cruiser captained by incompetent Cornelius Butt. When a mission requires the ship's crew to be placed in suspended animation for decades, Galaxina finds herself alone for many years, developing emotions and falling in love with the ship's pilot, Thor.

Main Plot: Crew of interstellar police ship is sent to recover a mysterious crystal, the blue star. Sub Plots: The ships female android and a crew member fall in love. Alien is spoofed as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tunji H (jp) wrote: An obsessed friend wanted me to see this and so I did. Not my favorite type of music but I must say I could possibly get addicted! Great movie and nice songs!

Mark L (br) wrote: Refreshingly darker and more compelling than other sci-fi movies, Maze Runner brings new ideas and strong performances to the dystopian era

Bill B (es) wrote: Just a bad genre exercise from start to finish, not worth a look unless you're a hardcore fan of horror or luchadores, but I honestly can't see myself ever returning to this one.Pass.

Benjamin S (ag) wrote: Low- Budget mash- up somewhere between Tremors, Starship Troopers 2 and Eight- legged Freaks with bad actors (exept James Marsters), bad dialogue, bad story and bad special effects. But for a TV movie somewhat entertaining.I've seen much worse.

x w (nl) wrote: i have a muslin schoolmate looks like her.

Andy C (es) wrote: This was an alright movie, it didn't go where you expected it to go. The acting was first rate by all of the major characters, but especially Tom Guiry. He played the role well without pandering. When most actors try to pull this off it comes off comical. The plot was a bit simplistic, but still good.

Jonathan H (kr) wrote: "The end of life as we know it. We didn't see it coming, that's for sure. I mean, who plans for an apocalypse? But you know the really funny thing? It wasn't something big and horrible that did us in. It wasn't nuclear war or a deadly virus or a comet crashing into the planet. It wasn't over-population or global warming. I wish it was. You know, something... lofty and magnificent. Something worthy of exterminating most of the human race. No. In the end it was none of those things. We simply ran out of gas."

Fiona M (jp) wrote: Sweet, funny and moving.

Joel F (mx) wrote: A horrible attempt to duplicate Top Gun.

Theodore W (fr) wrote: JAR-JAR!!!!!!!!End of discussion.

Angela L (es) wrote: This movie is such a tear-jerker.. I cried through most of it. Its tragic that people have to live this nightmare. She was human not Superhuman there were gonna be issues, but the gov't wouldn't leave her alone because of an abusive relationship that ended. Tearful, Tragic and very upsetting but Crissy Rock played her part like a glove.

Amy R (gb) wrote: Kooky cult movie/revenge fantasy, in which a new wave girl makes all her rapists disappear with the help of aliens. The avant garde music makes this a bit of a challenge to watch, but the 80s fashions/hairstyles are to die for. Lots of witty, cynical dialouge, too.

Aidan A (nl) wrote: This one was okay. It is very exciting, but it definitely lacks dialogue.

Claire A (au) wrote: sorry, i've just been blinded by anthony hopkins being in this! that's a total lie. did like humphrey bogart's irish michael o'leary character, who likes horses and fighting. bette davies: we love you.

Brad S (es) wrote: Fantastic production!