"In life you have to work fo what you want," Shando's wise old teacher tells him. Shando wants to become a music ant but first he must earn the kabump that all working adult ants have. However, Shando spends his time daydreaming and instead of earning his kabump, he acquires a fake one. He soon learns that true success comes only with hard work and honesty.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ant,   ameisen,  

Gallavants are ants living in a their own fairy-tale land, Ganteville. The little ones have to go to school in preparation of their adult life as working ants. However, one pupil thinks he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gallavants torrent reviews

Michi H (jp) wrote: AMAZING!!! Finally a real movie!

Tyler S (us) wrote: I can read the reviews, yet I still don't understand what the critics' problems were with this one. Very charming.

Jorge Eduardo S (kr) wrote: A+.An entirely espiritual film with a tremendous message.

MG A (us) wrote: Watching David Boreanaz now... wish i have all their Instant Play movies (both him and Dean Cain's) in our Netflix!

Glorimar S (es) wrote: It was a funny movie... Nice to watch!

Nikki M (jp) wrote: Unpredictable and funny!

TingHey C (ru) wrote: If I'll see the first, I definitely will se the third (this one) =)

Alex A (nl) wrote: Great stuff from Deodato. Love Richard lynch as a Jim Jones like nut colonel. Michael Barryman also delivers a great role. Great score from Claudio Simonetti (Goblins)

Gail W (au) wrote: Really liked this one - I went to the dentist and my mouth was completely numb when I went to see this one - it was hard to laugh but I still made an effort to do so - Like this one a lot.

Rett R (au) wrote: I am having a hard time rating this one. On a technical level, as far as the film is structured, acted etc it was extremely well done. The story was quite slow but evenly paced at this echoed the sexual tension which brewed throughout the film. I found myself waiting for something to happen and when something did happen it wasn't quite as fulfilling as one had hoped. Disappointing on one hand and yet one can't help but thing that was the point...There are a few small translation errors in the subtitles but otherwise well worth watching when you are interested in French films.

Jordan T (es) wrote: Lessons learned from this film: 1) Cortisone makes you want to murder your wife and child.2) A 30-hour nap will cure you of these crazy thoughts.GOD WAS WRONG

Jon P (ca) wrote: Back in 1950, Akira Kurosawa changed and challenged the grammar of filmmaking with Rashomon, and its foray into the unknown. Few have managed to match his efforts since; the film would've been unlike anything anybody had ever seen before. And even today, its intricate mastery and majesty will envelop the film-literate with awe.Rashomon is a movie of multiple truths and myth-making, raising the idea of whether or not the camera can be truly subjective. Visually and narratively innovative, Rashomon ranks amongst Kurosawa's most accomplished and definitive films; the auteur's artistic background lingering over his frames, which tend to mimic both Western and Eastern styles of painting.Many films are great, and many films are influential, but Rashomon holds the lasting power of an entire film movement within a mere 88 mins. Essential cinema.

Giovanni M (ag) wrote: One of the worst comedies of the last ten years. Cop Out wastes the talent in front of and behind the camera on a noisy, stale, witless script.

Bill B (mx) wrote: This has been a favorite of mine since it was first released, in spite of the flaws that I know are in there, like the barely passable at the time CGI stuff. I really love the Noir/detective/supernatural mash-up, and for the longest time this felt as close as we'd ever get to a Hellblazer movie.Still a fun watch for the forgiving audience who can love it warts and all.Recommended.

Jane M (ag) wrote: It's not good, but it's not as bad as I expected. What is Michael Douglas doing in this movie though?