Gallit Gondhal, Dillit Mujra

Gallit Gondhal, Dillit Mujra

Kolsewadi has never seen any progress in the village, thanks to the bickering and fights between MLA Chandrakant Tope and Sarpanch Bajirao Dole. Narayan Wagh, a villager, makes the most of ...

Kolsewadi has never seen any progress in the village, thanks to the bickering and fights between MLA Chandrakant Tope and Sarpanch Bajirao Dole. Narayan Wagh, a villager, makes the most of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gallit Gondhal, Dillit Mujra torrent reviews

Cody C (gb) wrote: Stupid. Come on Sanchez, you can do better than this. Just make Altered 2 or something

Bruno D (es) wrote: Under World Awakening is the follow up film to Under World World Evolution and is the worst of the franchises 5 films. Kate Beckinsale is good in the role as usual and altho they basically gutted her character with some of the most atrocious writing. The other cast members are a hit or miss. I also "appreciate" (not really) the film having Micheal Corvin sit this one out seeing as he's one of the most boring protagonists in the franchise altho this is basically the last you ever see of him in this franchise so it's big middle finger to long time fans. The story itself I found to be the least bit interesting and felt like some generic video game story line as well as a generic plot that plenty of other god awful movies have told as well as it shits all over the mythos that the previous films set up basically discarding them into the dump because the film writers here aren't very good at their jobs. This movie is also notable for wasting really great actors by having them do nothing. This film seems to have taken a major hit when it comes to special effects because the CGI for the Lycans is the worst it's ever been. Also I don't know what the hell that sorry excuse of a "Werewolf" that was towards the middle to the end but that huge muscular seal looking beast is a complete ugly abomination. Just a terrible werewolf design with horrendous CGI. This is about as far away from a werewolf this series has reached basically making them shape shifters more so then they used to be. This is basically more of the same but worse so if you like this franchise you'll probably hate this movie because it shits all over the previous films but if you hate them or expect decent film making then you won't find much enjoyment from this film or at all. Overall .5/5

Arseniy V (fr) wrote: Make no mistake, it's the political incorrectness of calling a spade a spade in this particular case - that accounts for just how underrated this film is. The ever-taboo bottom line here is that many of humanity's ugliest moments arise when fundamentalists convince each other that they deserve to improve their position by taking away from the comparatively defenceless. It doesn't matter whether those fundamentalists wear swastikas or yamakas. It's all about as ugly as ugly can be.

Justin C (au) wrote: Words can't capture how let down I was by this. So, so disappointing.

Ondine E (fr) wrote: I have loved all of Gatlif's previous films, but I found this one a bit disappointing. Colourful, great crowd scenes, some great music, but the plot was a bit thin and not believable...

Louis M (mx) wrote: Offbeat and creepy with brilliant insights into humanity and society.

John M (de) wrote: Only Catherine Breillat can make kinky sex so dull. Every sex act that every ten-year-old boy has ever told gross jokes about, stripped of any residual eroticism by a pretentious and laughable attempt at psychosexual theory that would get an 'F' in Psych 101. It speaks for itself that a body double had to be used for the penetration scenes, and they had to advertise that fact in a disclaimer.

Kyle W (gb) wrote: pretty good but it would have been better if it was scary

Alexan B (us) wrote: An experiment with truth.

Dillinger P (de) wrote: If your local theatre group was performing The wizard of oz, as a panto, directed by David Lynch, this would be the outcome. A zany, quirky and often hilarious film, overly saturated in far out performances and a continual punch over the head, dare you forget its meant to be a raunchy take on the classical story... This is by no means his best film, however Wild At Heart is potentially one of Lynch's greatest visual masterpieces, there is so much to love here, it outweighs the bad, not that there is much of it, but what there is, becomes grating and stale very quickly. Sailor and Lula are a young southern American couple, bound regardless of situation, after being released from prison after a charge of manslaughter, Sailor breaks his Parole and drives himself and Lula on a getaway, escaping the grasps of her maniacal mother and her equally zany henchmen. Wild At Heart is Davids love story and here we are treated to one of the most unique relationships I've ever seen on camera, Cage and Dern. We know that Dern's working relationship with Lynch is pristine and she carries her fair share of weight on this movie, however Cage is a wonderful choice of casting. Yes he is over the top, stupid and hilariously cheesy at times, especially with his Elvis renditions, but its all part of the characters charm and I really struggle to see anyone else own the role as much as he does. Thought Dern and Maclachlans chemistry was good in Blue Velvet, wait till you see her and Cage, they fuel each others hilariously over the top performances, until the bar can be set no higher. However dont think that this duo is all the roster has to offer, Diane Ladd, Crispin Glover, Grace Zabrinski, Harry Dean Stanton, Sherlyn Fenn, Jack Nance, Scott Coffey, Isabella Rosillini and Willem Dafoe are all along for the ride and each of them bring a brief but fantastic ham fisted performance to the table. Ladd is excellent as Lula's mother, although that's no great achievement as Dern and Ladd are actual kin, however her maniacal and desperate side is one of the films strongest assets and equally its biggest downfall, as the film comes closer to conclusion, her inclusion lessens, making you miss her dreadfully. Glover has limited screen time with the likes of Nance, Fenn, Coffey, Zabrinski and Rosillini but they all pitch in memorable performances right out the gate. Dafoe however is on fire are hired hitman Billy and the actors manages to morph himself into something astoundingly disgusting, its hard to look at him during his screen time. As mentioned earlier, in my opinion, this is Lynch's most impressive looking film to date, the colours and setting are gorgeous, giving the most consistant looking film he has achieved visually, its rich with colour, detail, wonderful dynamic shots, packed full of imagery and metaphor, which leaves you salvating at the mouth. Angelo Badalamenti as always provides a wonderful score, truly setting this film apart from most of Lynch's catalogue. However, the killer in this film is the script. If i'm being honest, although Lynch does the best job anyone could with his own material, the script just acts like a lynch pin, pardon the pun, far too often. Dern is consitantly referencing the Wizard of Oz or telling stories of her troubled past, it loses a lot of subtilty that we are used to from the maestro. Even near the end, it becomes so presposterous and desperate to find a connection, that it literally needs to shoe horn everything it can to make that connection. It feels like Lynch wasnt confident enough people would make the connection themselves. Its hard to fully blame him, his material isnt exactly appealing to a huge demographic, but here he breaks away a little too much from what makes his brilliance work well. This isnt a bad film, far from it, its rich universe, character and look all make this a brilliant addition to the Lynch canon, however it literally becomes so much like a pantomime that by the end, it is near impossible to take seriously. A worthwhile watch and more accessable than a lot of his other work, however purists will most likely slap this beside Dune in terms of caliber.

Greg W (au) wrote: the second of 3 harry palmer spy films

Larry D (de) wrote: This movie has EVERYTHING going for it. Two great star performances, a great screenplay, great comedy direction, and, best of all, a parade of Hollywood's finest character actors in EVERY role from supporting players to the walk-ons!

Sunny L (br) wrote: This is one of the most frustrating and distressing movies I have ever seen. The characters made me uncomfortable because Jack Nicholson has overbearing control issues and was such a manipulator. I don't find those people personally endearing at all. Though the script is hilarious at times. But I had a problem with relating to, "She is so lucky. Wish I had a selfish, irrasable old coot to reign in. I wish he would love me too."I found Helen Hunt's character great in itself. She was brilliant in her role. But why in the world would a woman with a self observing ego and great personality want someone as horrible as Jack? That did not fly with me. By the way. Jack? Great as always.

Edward M (it) wrote: It looks as though there is liberal bias against this movie. I can't find it anywhere in Philadelphia, PA?

Mary Beth W (fr) wrote: The key line of the book, when Bilbo uses the ring to get pass the drawves, and establishes himself as a legitimate thief IS Re-Written !!! Tolkien doesn't need a re-write

Peter O (au) wrote: Jesus f^^#%?<~%>