Galpa Holeo Satyi

Galpa Holeo Satyi

A family where relation in between family members have been deteriorated to the worst level even affecting their professional life, an outsider tries to rebuild the love and compassion within the family.

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Kathy L (au) wrote: I only saw one good review for this movie and I don't know why because it was worth watching. The critics are wrong on this one.

Heather R (gb) wrote: AMAZING FILM!! New favorite movie by far!

Harrison W (ag) wrote: Really enjoyed it. The humor was perfect in timing and tone for me. The optimism in the main plot line really aligned with my beliefs, and I liked that they left a lot up to mystery. That said, I didn't care for the main plot as much as I was in love with the universe the film created. Every secondary character and location and circumstance was great. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that a lot of people didn't enjoy it because they didn't get that one of the points of the film is that the characters are unimportant and that everything that happens pales in comparison to armageddon. It's not about the ending, it's about the journey.And of course, like everything T.J.'s in, he steals the show. Not surprised.

Blake P (it) wrote: I'll be damned if "The Descent" isn't the finest horror movie of the 2000s. Let's just hope, though, that if I'm somehow proven wrong that damnation doesn't come in the form of the cave that serves as the film's hellacious center. Its premise is ingenious: six female friends, prone to adventuring, travel to rural Appalachia for a few hours worth of renowned spelunking. Bonds will be strengthened and friendships renewed; for some, the trip might even be healing, especially for Sarah (Shauna MacDonald), who is recovering from a traumatic familial tragedy that only occurred a year earlier. But if you've paid any attention to critic "best-of" lists in the last decade or so, who have put "The Descent" on the same pedestal they previously placed "The Blair Witch Project" and "Suspiria" on, you'll expect that the planned few hours worth of renewed spelunking don't go quite so well. And no, bonds are not strengthened, and friendships aren't renewed either. Things take a turn for the worst when we, along with the unlucky cast of females of the film, discover that the vast cave they're dwelling is not an innocent rock compilation; it is, in actuality, a home to horrors to ghastly that I won't bother to explain them in great detail. Blood is spilled though, no? "The Descent" is the all-too-rare kind of horror movie that really and truly shakes you up, so much so that, during its climactic final act, you might even forget to breathe. Nightmarish and far more apt than it has any right to be, it doesn't try to reinvent treaded upon horror territory so much as it does succeed in playing us like a piano. It taps into one's inherent fears of claustrophobia and the dark, and doesn't let up for most of its length. It is an inescapable labyrinth of the macabre, and maybe I'd be more opposed to its bloodcurdling tendencies if more horror movies were as effective as this one just so happens to be. But few compare, both in willingness to invent and in willingness to be hard-driving and see its ambitions through. It is written and directed by Neil Marshall with a wondrous harnessing of the "worst case scenario" possibility, and it moves along with guileless escapism that reminds one of summer popcorn adventures of the past. It isn't trying to win over a specific demographic, horror snobs being the first to come to mind considering its British, independent origins. It wants to scare, like "Psycho" did and like "Jaws" did. I shouldn't compare it to those aforementioned classics because it doesn't much artistically compare, but similar is the key theme of survival and what savage actions people might take to maintain it. Most of these women, save for a few who are friends of friends, are close, and their friendships are tested in ways no one should ever have to experience. Is it worth it to leave someone behind, to betray a so-called friend, to put oneself over another? Combined with the elements of entrapment and unrelenting danger, not to mention the recurring motif of the color red (the light set off by the characters' few firecrackers really does make the cave look like its own special kind of hell), we find ourselves hard pressed to think of a scenario scarier than the one "The Descent" presents us with. Even dining with the cannibalistic, inbred family of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" seems more pleasant - at least escape is slightly more of a possibility. With decisive performances and inspired directing, "The Descent" is a modern horror classic. There is a sequel, unseen by me as I'm not so sure I want to delve into the same, bloody cave ever again. But I'm already finding myself wanting to suggest avoidance. Why have your questions answered when you can keep your head swimming in its abhorrent ambiguity?

Brent H (it) wrote: This movie is pretty good. There is a twist in the plot towards the end. Wasn't expecting it. Keeps you interested the whole time.

Todd W (gb) wrote: This film is clearly a low budget indie type film, but the talent and humor of the actors makes it touching and personal. Very well done.

Marilee A (gb) wrote: I love Modigliani as an Artist, so I enjoyed getting to know the Man through this film

Kurt V (es) wrote: Nice movie, about the bombing of a Baptist Church in Alabama in 1965, that learned me something more about the Ku Klux Klan .

Terese A (kr) wrote: this was one weird movie, but I guess it was the point to visualize embarrassing parts of live that normally is removed.. but still, weird.

Rafael G (jp) wrote: My favorite romantic comedy movie!

Lee V (es) wrote: This was bad when I was a kid, and it's worse now.

Martin T (us) wrote: The two biggest laughs in this comedy are not intentional. The first is that Juliet Mills is supposed to be a "fat-ass". What? WHAT? She put on 25 pounds for the role, but she still looks perfectly normal... sexy and beautiful, even. And yet the movie treats her like Mama Cass. It's absolutely insane. And this brings us to the other big laugh: her wonderment at how all Americans are so thin! HAHA! HA! HA! Even in 1972, the era of Twiggy, that would have been utter nonsense. Putting aside the film's dubious treatment of weight, it's a passable romantic comedy, one without any big laughs but it's amusing enough (more so if you enjoy Italian stereotypes like women with mustaches ho ho!). It's a watered-down version of the sexual revolution for a more conservative audience, but it still gets rather racy at times. Lemmon and Mills have a nice, charming chemistry together.

Caroline M (ag) wrote: girls with guns and grudges seek bloody revenge. come on. christopher lee and ms welch

Alejandro C (mx) wrote: Empieza bien, pero cuando pasan a la parte de dibujos animados, que es pronto, se vuelve demasiado extraa y aburrida. No he podido terminar de verla.

Yash B (gb) wrote: A breathtaking tale of friendship. Though you could say this film is overlong, its always fascinating. Going on a journey with this horse is wonderful. Also the ending of this movie is one of the emotionally satisfying moments I've seen. I'm probably rating this movie higher than most but I stand by how much I loved this movie. It is a heartwarming and enjoyable film. Among Spielberg's best in my eyes.