An art curator decides to seek revenge on his abusive boss by conning him into buying a fake Monet, but his plan requires the help of an eccentric and unpredictable Texas rodeo queen.

A film is directed by Michael Hoffman and starring Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman that follows Curator Harry Deane is a specialist in art, but he absolutely finishes his mission assigned from his insane boss. As a result, he takes a plan to play a trick with his boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack G (us) wrote: Half of it will not be at ALL new to anyone who has seen Ozzy's Behind the Music - and this is over ten years ago - but it DOES feature a whole lot of time dedicated to his life during the taping of The Osbournes, which we find out was actually a very painful time for the Ozzy family, and how he finally went on the road to recovery after being an addict for decades. It's actually an inspiring if bittersweet document of a man who went through hell due to his crippling insecurities, but came out now as a man in his 60's just happy to be alive and have a family that loves him. Oh, and he makes the baddest-ass rock and roll to this day (even if his voice isn't quite as good as it once was).

Brandon W (fr) wrote: This was the very first Bourne movie I've ever seen and at the time, I really enjoyed it. Now, after watching the previous 3 entries, this one doesn't stand up nearly as well. The action scenes, while good, don't match up against the action of the previous films. The acting calibur seemed to take a step backward and the story did not seem as interesting. I'm sorry but Edward Norton doesn't even stand close to Joan Allen as the head officer behind the giant screen trying to track our main protagonist. Jeremy Renner does make a good hero (Aaron Cross) but he doesn't get that much of a backstory or even one as interesting as Jason Bourne's. Rachel Weisz was pretty mediocre too. This film just ended up feeling boring. The science of how these agents work was an interesting angle to take but i'm immediately disinterested because quite frankly, I still don't understand how Aaron Cross is ascoitated with Jason Bourne, Treadstone, or any of that stuff. As it's own movie, I think this film would have worked better because then there wouldn't have to be constant little moments that remind us what movie universe we are in. I'd say, just stick with the first 3 entries. They are fantastic. While this one is a little underwhelming.

anders k (es) wrote: Very interesting concept but kind of a stupid movie

Ron R (au) wrote: It's a sequal in a genre that doesn't do sequals, and it's quite different than the original. Much more nuanced. The characters have aged, changed, and come back together. It was one of the more fascinating films I've seen, and would only be fascinating if you have seen L'Auberge espagnole.

Kj H (kr) wrote: This is an interesting movie, that holds an awful lot back. The notion is Corporations ruling the world through viruses, but also raises the question of what our lives are worth in the reality we inhabit. Additionally, who are the good guys in this film, is never truly clear. Generally well done, if somewhat confusing, partially due to the filmmakers intentionally holding back certain things throughout the film, which did get on my nerves a bit when I worked backwards to figure some of them out.

Lenard K (us) wrote: Ethnic conflict breeds violence in post-Yugoslavia Macedonia. A very circular movie that would have been more predictable than it was if I hadn't gotten so caught up in the story.

Adam B (au) wrote: An entertaining suspenseful movie with a few nice twists. Sharon Stone really carries this film.

Jason J (fr) wrote: Laughable sequel starring stony faced Michael Dudikoff as the American Ninja. It continues exactly in the same way the first movie ended. It's the same thing all over again: cheesy story, tons of ninjas, fighting scenes and standard mediocre b-action movie acting. I'll have to criticize the plot this time, because it was much worse than the plot in the first movie (and that wasn't a particularly good plot, either). They try to flirt with science-fiction elements in this one, and that is just so stupid. Steve James is the only one that provides the fun in this movie. Taken as a piece of corny 80s cheese, this can be enjoyed on some levels even if some of the fight choreography is a bit ropey and the plot is just laughably absurd.

Jonathan S (fr) wrote: A quirky, comic, inventive anthology film about food, most especially noodles. Love it.

Private U (kr) wrote: Villeneuve and Belmondo are great but the story is a bit of a let-down, starts well, then loses direction.

Paul D (au) wrote: The isolated horror stories of the five passengers are so bad it actually makes it an excellent watch, and there are a lot of classy actors popping up throughout.

leeroy c (br) wrote: crowe as a gayboy, funny but touching show and good relationship between fahter nd son. top show