Game Box 1.0

Game Box 1.0

Miserable after the shooting death of his girlfriend, video game tester Charlie immerses himself in his work. When a new 3D game comes in the mail, he becomes caught up in its bizarre fantasy world -- literally. Trapped inside the game, Charlie's only way out is to win a brutal fight-to-the-death battle.

Charlie Nash is an expert video game tester who escapes reality by playing a mysterious, 3-D fantasy game he received in the mail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samir S (fr) wrote: Lyrical, Whimsical, Surreal... Chicken with Plums is delicious...

Roy S (br) wrote: The sixth in the series. Seeing them in chronological order (as I am) is helpful, I think. The plots are not exactly Swiss watches of complexity, but they are very satisfying, well-told, and nicely acted and directed.

Camille L (au) wrote: Les films de Miike Takashi se ressemblent quand mme beaucoup. Pour ce dernier opus de Dead or Alive, l'ouverture est fabuleuse et la fin probablement encore plus folle que celle du premier pisode. Malheureusement, c'est le dveloppement qui est un peu faiblard, malgr une belle vision d'un Yokohama du 24e sicle, sous un filtre jaune que n'aurait pas reni Michael Bay. Aikawa Sho et Takeuchi Riki sont formidables, Terence Yin et Richard Chen sont de solides seconds rles, mais rien n'y fait, Final est bien moins russi que Tobosha ou Hanzaisha.

Chris R (mx) wrote: The best Italian cannibal movie ever....whatever that means...

Phillip S (es) wrote: It's kind of like an Australian version of "Deliverance," minus the sodomy.

Jonathan C (kr) wrote: Starts off fun and exciting, but then loses it's way with a boring love story and grinding plot. Oh, what could have been!