Game of Assassins

Game of Assassins

Game of Assassins is about General Tu Jia who trains a trio of young assassins to seek revenge against villainous King of Wei. And one of the assassins succumbs to the dark side for temptation of wealth and power.

In a sunken castle underneath the earth, five strangers wake. They have no food. No memory. No water. And no way out. They don't know it yet, but they're capable of something they never ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dee C (kr) wrote: Really well done- as a real movie go-er , I'm confused by the Critics??

Shobhit S (ca) wrote: what a family entertainer !!!!!!!

Mary M (us) wrote: Loved the movie, just fun, and uplifting! Sara Rue is great as a girl finding herself! Elliott Gould plays a wonderful grumpy old man! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

Sergej P (au) wrote: nice movie.. low budget but entertaining for kids..

Carlos I (gb) wrote: What a wacky and ridiculous movie! If you like Jared Hess' style (Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre) you should dig this. It's the same kind of bizarre, quirky humor. Sam Rockwell and the snake scenes killed me.

Wes S (nl) wrote: It looks better than the first Ghost Rider film (which this shares little continuity with outside of Nic), and in some ways the execution of the character is more interesting, but the film is just so uneven. The plot is rather bland, and Nic is pretty wacky for a dark and gritty film. The action is fun, but it isn't enough to make the film more entertaining.

Yvonne S (jp) wrote: Really can't understand the message behind the story, a bit disappointed, maybe I'm not smart enough to understand.. hehe...

Paul D (de) wrote: The plot is threadbare, but Marlon Brando's performance in his one man mission makes the film watchable.

Chucho E Q (es) wrote: After becoming a hardcore Ozon fan, this is the film I'd love to see the most. Can't wait. I'm a sucker for "You have (insert mortal disease here) and you have to change" movies, seriously. Don't know why, it's in my blood or something. And if you throw Ozon into the equation, I'm on my knees.

Vuyisile S (fr) wrote: Everything about this movie isn't shockingly bad. I never thought that Jean Claude Van Dam's Street fighter would be the best fighting game to movie experience out there...Man, instead of looking at other movies, if you liked this I will recommend paper, pencil, an easy to kick over stool and some rope.

Matthew J (it) wrote: Why didn't i care who drowned Mona ? Because this film was too black, too unfunny, too horrible. Thou Danny De Vito is funny....ONCE.

Elly K (ag) wrote: The most mysoginistic movie. Let her be single, please don't make her go to another man who will just be jealous and controlling.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: A very strange comedy about a con-artist and a compulsive liar who are struggling to do the right thing. This film's pretty funny, but I can't help but feel sad about how run-down Richard Pryor looks throughout the whole thing. It his last major role on film, and it tells.

Francisco G (kr) wrote: Megaforce? Megafail! It's awesome to watch this movie just to see it failing at pretty much everything. It's incredible how nothing bloody works in this. But unlike some of it's peers, it's actually light and you can have some fun watching it on how bloody awful it is. It's still has a soundtrack that has some golden moments but nothing to go crazy about.

Ricky C (nl) wrote: An epic movie has Anthony Quinn who is the greatest actor ever.

Mohammad A (br) wrote: Empire of the Ants (1977)

genaro n (ca) wrote: Yasujiro Ozu started his career in the late 20s. This is for sure his first masterpiece in his prolific career. By the time of this film Ozu was young and his films are very focused on social problems rather than the Zen Contemplation that we saw in the "Old Master Phase". The thing I saw in this film is it lacks the poetry that we saw in the Later films but even though The film has some of the most beautiful moments. There are some very beautiful and very clever managed travellings, something that he will eliminate in his later films. This film is focused on comedy, the formality is still there but the attitude is more social concerned. This one is not more universal than his well known masterpieces and it doesnt have the Zen slow transcendental pauses, it is in fact a very fast film.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: Though Simon Pegg still pleases and there's some laughs to be had, A Fantastic fear of everything is hindered by a terribly overstretched story and unnecessarily long run time that will turn off many before it's over

(fr) wrote: Prospatho na thimitho giati ksekinisa na to blepo, giati an kai barethika sthn arxh, synexisa na to blepo kai giati to teleiosa.Den katafernei tipota allo ektos apo to na mas thimizei ti thanatifora gkarntarompa twn 80's.

Olli G (br) wrote: Extremely forgettable cliche of a film. Predictable to the last but not devoid of laughs and good moments.