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Street fighter Victor Knox (Andre McCoy), just freed from prison, needs money to be re-united with his wife and child. When invited to join an underground fight tournament promising easy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yusuf S (mx) wrote: One of Subhash Ghai best, a bit of a copy of romeo and juliet except the lovers don't die in the end and their families unite against the real villain.

Caleb C (us) wrote: Not bad, but not really good either. It does have it's sexy moments, though.

Tiago B (au) wrote: The way remakes should be made.

Ed L (kr) wrote: Hilarious, brilliant, clever, classic, 4 words to describe Monty Python, and this film is no exception.

Greg W (mx) wrote: life during war time

Mike S (nl) wrote: What was amazing to me was the handling of the leopard. I learned that they used a lot of trick photography. But still, what they did in that time was smart and magical. The comic timing of Hepburn and Grant was great, too.

Stephen G (fr) wrote: It's not a bad film, and what it lacks in emotional substance it makes up for in great technical artistry and acting. I did like the shot where it follows the car (blue ruin) into the fog. Nonetheless, it's message was boring, obvious, and overdone and it didn't make me care enough about its main character to make me care whether he lived, died, succeeded or what. And I didn't find any characters likable. So a well done film, that alas, is not very memorable.