Ganda Hendathi

Ganda Hendathi


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ganda Hendathi 2006 full movies, Ganda Hendathi torrents movie

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Ganda Hendathi torrent reviews

Maria G (de) wrote: The movie is perfect for the family!

Nikolus Z (jp) wrote: An actual documentary (rather than an essay film). Grning doesn't do anything too terribly interesting with his footage, but a film of this kind can succeed or fail on the strength of its subject (or, considering the nature of the exercise, 'object' might be more appropriate). And the novelty and intrinsic interest of the footage on its own makes the film worth a viewing. I imagine the film will be more moving for religious folk; Grning seems to be asking the viewer to interpret the footage symbolically. But it can still be interesting as an exercise in surfaces and mood, and for those moments when the static solemnity seems to crack and something warmly human shows through.

Niar E (kr) wrote: Watch it to laugh. This movie has nothing to tell you indeed. The characters are so weak and losing virginity is not an attractive idea this way!

Danny D (br) wrote: And then there was a spin off...

Niels S (es) wrote: Intenst. om end lovlig usandsynligt gidseldrama.

Dan H (de) wrote: Brilliant. Funny, because it's true. Deeper than Inception, and far less stupid. Go Buscemi!Must see for any filmmaker.

Tiara S (it) wrote: like this movie funny and teaches a lesson to people about freindship

Ariua k (ca) wrote: Christ I remember 8 years ago when I lived down in "Fukuoka" and my friends were bored so we deice to rent something and something that looked good. And of course we landed on Cut and Run with that epic looking cover billing Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) as the lead villain. So far japan was the only country to have this movie Uncut so they dubbed in the "Hard Core version" (In terms of violence's) so of course we rented it. And the only thing I remember after 8 years is Michael Berryman flashing that Mug of his and how he is sticking people in the side of the neck. I just remember thinking it was so average and boring. Another thing I can remember is that Techno Music Playing at the airport screen with the opening credits. And of course after 8 years I just had to watch it again because of me being a fan of Deodato and me getting the box set with his 3 cannibal flicks. So in the South "America" somewhere there are a band of natives attacking and stealing drugs and destroying the facilities. And of course they are led by the Wildman Berryman, So a lady is backpacking drugs in Miami and a tough female reporter and her cameraman are investigating and only to find a bloodbath with the girl dead and the drugs missing but they do find a photo of their bosses "son". Who disappeared years ago so there "boss" wants them to find him and they travel to South America to find him. And of course there plane rans out of fuel and they fly down onto the runway with natives raiding the village nearby. So there goal is to find the bosses son and to escape with Natives and Drugs lords on their tail as they broadcast to the world what's happening in "South America". This is also the Last Part in Mr. Ruggero's Deodato cannibal "trilogy" First starting with Last Cannibal World and the famous Cannibal Holocaust and now Cut and Run. Deodato The story itself moves away from your average "cannibal" exploitation film and adds more action elements to it. I also find it funny that they bill Berryman as the main villain even though he rarely appears in it. If you see DVD, VHS, CD's, T-shirts, Merchandise, they all have him on it even though he is like only in it for 15 minutes overall. Overall the story is disgustingly violent but it's so boring it's just predictable. If you look closely at the start the passenger behind the drug packer keeps looking at the camera. And once again when they're going down the escalator. The best part about the movie is the Graphic intro (Not counting the Airport plane scene) Were the natives kill all the drug packers and rape the woman and stick large sticks into their legs and Berryman disembowels the girls with his machete. With that big ugly face of his no wonder people get put off by this flick. The airport opening credits is also one of the best parts the music does nothing but fits extremely well into them but overall the music is crap besides that scene. He should have never left the band Goblin. Besides some entertaining action scene and of violence it gets no more than a 50% but because I am in a good mood a 60%. I close this review and say watching it is up to you.

Chrisanne S (ru) wrote: Holliday, another wonderful talent. I don't particularly love most of the music, but Judy carries it all brilliantly.

Rashad A (gb) wrote: no ending to the thoughts, that this masterpiece can provoke

Ilsa L (nl) wrote: Apart from the cheesy voiceover, this is a really good noir that was the inspiration for the TV and Radio series, "Dragnet".

Daniel W (au) wrote: I wasn't interested in this film, but I'm glad I watched it - its great! So much better than I was expecting. Really fun. It maybe goes a little overboard with the ultraviolence towards the end but other than that, really good. Looking forward to the sequel.

Bill M (ag) wrote: great cast, screenplay and acting but the script is bland and forgettable. the movie synopsis is an exaggeration. don't waste your time w this film.

Stephen W (ru) wrote: Film Noir at it's best!