An evil force from a 1000 years in the future begins to destroy an idyllic paradise, where the citizens are in perfect harmony with nature.

An evil force from a 1000 years in the future begins to destroy an idyllic paradise, where the citizens are in perfect harmony with nature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Reluctant G (de) wrote: Amidst a background of property development, council planning committees, conspiracy, corruption and prostitution Twenty8k does not pull any punches. Although it appears to be a simple case of a gang killing as the plot unfolds you immediately can tell that all is not as it seems. In fact Twenty8k is a clever well-put together piece of drama with an intricate plot that will keep you guessing. It is intense, exciting and very current. The cast in the film are a great example of the fantastic talent Britain has to offer. Parminder Nagra's (Bend it Like Beckham, ER, Alcatraz) portrayal as the gutsy sister determined to prove her brother's innocence is very convincing and Kaya Scodelario (Skins, Wuthering Heights, Clash of the Titans) is on point as the tragic Sally projecting innocence and street cred all at once. Twenty8k is Sebastion Nanena's debut as Vipon and by the looks of his performance this lad's got a successful career ahead of him. The one major character that lurks quietly but impressively in the background, is London itself. Set in Southwood East London, Twenty8k has great aerial shots of the capitol. Canary Wharf, so recognisable, pops up a few times as does the O2 and Olympic stadiums. But the close-ups of apartment blocks, streets, alleyways and the criss-crossing fly-overs certainly give anyone who has never visited a flavour of the capitol. Twenty8k is not a sentimental story or one that tries to ram morals down the viewer's throat but a harsh portrayal of a messed up world where those who hold the power eliminate anyone that gets in their way. Expect violence, harsh language and sex but also great acting, thumping beats and thrilling camera work.

Sreekiran M (br) wrote: bottom line: interesting plot, heavily dragged and slowly narrated. Plot development is just ok. Character development was not up to the mark. Twist in the movie makes a mark. Otherwise looked a regular movie.

Tom H (it) wrote: A decent and funny spoof of the blair witch project. There where moments beyond hilarity in this one.

Brent H (mx) wrote: One of my favorite Halloween movie series! The only thing I don't like about this movie is that Marnie is played by a different actress. Kind of annoying.

Stephen S (fr) wrote: A very nice little movie with a great message. I love how this kid sees music in's really cool. I know what that's like sometimes to some extent, finding a soundtrack to everyday life. Although obviously, August sees and hears this to a much greater degree than anyone else lol. Anyway, this is worth a watch.

Tim W (au) wrote: Worst Christmas movie ever. Not fun or funny, but actually annoying and cringe-worthy, and everyone acts like they are psychotic. Peer pressure is fine as long as it's Christmas! >:( This movie blows. It makes me mad.

Frances H (us) wrote: A terrific cast and a very interesting movie that kept me "engaged." Once again the critics hated what the audience liked. What critics like nine times out of ten is some depressing piece that makes you want to jump off a bridge. When it comes to picking a movie to watch, I go with the audience percentage every time.

mike d (de) wrote: it started off really well...with a great first shot (a long shot of a sherrif car going like the clappers in a desert) and a great vibe....but it became decidedly average. Not really a fan of noir though.

Nathaniel R (ru) wrote: thanks i dont care too much for the Cocoon movies

Mike K (es) wrote: Okay film that we watched in our film class... nothing really special. C-

Steve B (de) wrote: A landmark in movie History from legendary director Yasujiro Ozu. One of my all-time favourite!

Matthew H (ca) wrote: Family Plot is Alfred Hitchcock's last film, but sadly the movie isn't one of his best. Alfie could've done much better to clean up the muddled plot, weird film style, and awkward tone of the film. Pulp Fiction is quirky-good, but Family Plot is quirky-bad.

Phyllis D (kr) wrote: Before watching this movie, I only knew the basic facts around Oscar Grant's murder at Fruitvale Station in 2009. This movie may not be what you expect (at least it wasn't what I expected.) It's about Oscar's last full day alive: New Year's Eve, 2008. The movie follows him as he wakes up with his girlfriend, shops for his mother's birthday dinner, and celebrated New Year's before being shot on the train platform of Fruitvale Station. This is truly a gripping movie filled with excellent acting and is worth an hour and a half of your time.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Early Dennis Hopper in an original low budget thriller that calls back to an era long gone. Heavy on atmosphere and an unsettling tone that works wonderfully to leave you clenching to the edge of your seat or not, depends on if you are into slow burning black and white films. Hopper's performances could definatetly use some work at this stage in his career as the happy go lucky sailor that falls under the spell of a sideshow attraction mermaid. The camera work looks great and works so well in black and white, an all around treasure to anyone who has not found this gem before. However highly recommend this in it's new BluRay release as opposed to it's craptacular DVD releases.