A romantic film packed with fun and adventure Gandharavam tells the story of an auto mechanic who falls in love with the daughter of a crime mob family.

A romantic film packed with fun and adventure Gandharavam tells the story of an auto mechanic who falls in love with the daughter of a crime mob family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David F (au) wrote: This is a pretty good Michael Moore movie which covers a lot of the same ground his earlier films and TV shows did. There's some autobiography, some corporate malfeasance, some Flint, and a lot of pointed political satire. That scene where he goes to GM's headquarters only to be turned away by security is moving and nostalgic.

Michael M (br) wrote: Perfect movie to watch in between handing out candy and reminds me of a "Tales from the Darkside" episode.

Mark S (it) wrote: Would like to see this soon.

Sarah H (gb) wrote: The storyline woudl get interesting and then they would break out into song. And I couldn't understand anything because those parts didn't have subtitles. Don't they know that those parts are important to the story? You would think they would subtitle the songs too. That really got annoying and I missed half the storytelling because of it. It mostly gets less stars because of that fact. It was a pretty large budget Bollywood movie and you could tell.

Tom H (au) wrote: Decent film. reminded me of "deathwatch"(2002) only better.

Jens S (jp) wrote: Cute, unexciting coming of age story about a young man torn between his crush, origins and responsibilities at the holiday resort he's been raised and worked at all his life. The beginning is so strangely peaceful and easy-going that you almost wish for something horrible to happen. Once a little bit of love drama ensues and someone tries to change things around the resort, events get a bit more interesting, although there's never the slightest doubt that everything will work out fine. The main character seems a bit too flat, but the support acting is very decent especially by Nan Martin and Kevin Durand. The cinematography of the lovely area is really beautiful and although nothing will ever raise your blood pressure in the course of this film, it doesn't get boring either. A film like a calm summer holiday.

Jan N (nl) wrote: This is a film that simply tells a magnificent story.

Daniel B (au) wrote: Superb with a great soundtrack on Warp Records.

DC F (it) wrote: More Leprechaun fun while not being at all bridged from the first movie. You have to just not think too hard to enjoy this series. The acting is horrible and the plot is even worse that the one in the first movie.

Nigel M (mx) wrote: While possibly not as polished as Fernano DiLeo's Milano Calibro 9 it has to be said that Colt 38 Special Squad is probably one the most entertaining of the the Italian violent crime or poliziottesco genre movies. Under the direction of Massimo Dallamano who brought the world such delights as Venus In Furs and What Have The Done To Solange? this time we get treated to breakneck motorbike chases, formidable stuntwork and a surprisingly brutal and wince inducing scene. This along with aforementioned Milano Calibro 9 Rabid Dogs, Almost Human and Castellarii's Stret Law probably represent the perfect dropping in point for any who wish to explore this delightful genre of film further

Michael M (kr) wrote: Imagine yourself as a young child playing by the train tracks. You look and see a lose rail, an imminent danger, and approaching is a massive train filled with passengers. There's nothing you can do, and you just watch as the train heads towards it's destruction, and as it swerves off the tracks, destruction is released. Screams of pain echo endlessly, fires bursting, engines exploding, sights more horrible than the mind can fathom. And all you can do is sit their and watch. Decency tells you to look away, but something draws you in, creepily watching all the destruction, unable to turn your head, as if you want to see just how horrible things could possibly get.That's kinda' what it's like to watch this movie.

Ed A (de) wrote: Fairly flimsy outing by 'The Duke' which, again, seems to run out of steam a little towards the end. By all accounts, it wasn't even one of his favourite; only taking it on so he could sail his new yacht across the Atlantic to Europe. Nice :o)