Gang of Roses

Gang of Roses

Set in the 1800's, the town of Flat ridge is over run by a band of outlaws looking for lost treasure said to be buried somewhere in town. In their quest for dominance, the outlaws kill Sally, a whore who happens to be the sister of Rachel and a 1/5 member of the Roses Gang. With the weight of grief on her heart, Rachel decides to shed her new found religious faith to bring vengeance upon her sister's killers. After placing Sally to rest, she goes in search of her former posse to assist her in the reckoning of the outlaws wrong doing.

All all-female gang of Old West bank robbers comes out of retirement to rescue a sister in peril. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gang of Roses torrent reviews

Richard J (br) wrote: dark humor, awesome acting, nice story. cliched over-dramatic ending makes it even better...if that makes sense.

Zainab P (fr) wrote: omg as a old teen still cried through this movie its so cute very funny too in the begining its epic!!!!!my fav part the ducks =)

Dr F P (mx) wrote: It was weirder and more pervy than the original Crow film, i mean it wasn't something i'd watch again but i liked the weird satanists. I thought the Crow in this movie looked like some sort of superhero goth kid. I also like how its not set in a dingy city and in some desert type place. I don't know, especially with Danny Trejo it felt like The Crow meets the wild west. It's obviously crappy but y'know, sometimes people like that!

Cameron J (es) wrote: Rupert Grint's character is extremely annoying.

Ms Amanda J (es) wrote: Will the python go for the dude with the purple hair? I don't know but I hope that dude has lots of scenes because he's Wil Wheaton! Python was out when my love for Wil first began some time after seeing Stand By Me (River got first dibs, har). And on Wil's websites, all the billboards read something like "Presenting Wil's latest movie: Python! He has purple hair and is in it for five minutes before he gets possibly devoured!"

Ash M (ru) wrote: Great movie. Top 5 bond movie.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Not an outstanding sequel to a hardcore horror classic, but it kept me entertained!

Nick G (ca) wrote: The absolute best of Broken Lizard's work. Mother of god.

Tom V (de) wrote: I don't usually comment on score, but my God this film has one of the absolute worst film scores I have ever heard. So this is the epitome of the Hollywood film. It follows the formula perfectly, nothing really stands out. Its easy to like the Tess, and Jack and really easy to hate Katherine. An atypical Hollywood film.