Ganga Ki Lahren

Ganga Ki Lahren

Seema and Uma belongs to a Thakur family which earns their bread & butter through stage & dance performances and this leaves Seema disowned by groom's father, right at the time of marriage rituals. Ashok, son of Diwan Saheb, marries Seema, then & there, to save their faces. Diwan disapproves this marriage and Ashok leaves his estate. He stays in a small rented house with Seema & Uma and starts doing odd jobs. Seema gives birth to their son, Munna. Ashok is diagnosed with an ophthalmic complicacy and need Rs.3000 for an operation which they could not manage despite many efforts. Seema writes to Diwan for money for Ashok's eye operation. Diwan agrees on a condition that Seema leaves Ashok alone.

Seema and Uma belongs to a Thakur family which earns their bread & butter through stage & dance performances and this leaves Seema disowned by groom's father, right at the time of marriage ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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