Ganga Zumba

Ganga Zumba

The life of a runaway slave who founded the Quilombo dos Palmares, an outlaw community of Brazilian slaves.

The life of a runaway slave who founded the Quilombo dos Palmares, an outlaw community of Brazilian slaves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfonso F (us) wrote: Really funny movie!!

Angelo S (es) wrote: No demonstra competncia nem mesmo para ser uma diverso despretensiosa.

Shawn W (jp) wrote: Great send up of American international diplomacy and actors who become political activists with Thunderbirds-inspired puppets. Has unforgettable puppet sex scene and did love the scene where Gary proves his commitment to the team. Watch the unrated version. Film's message still very relevant today and bang on in so many areas.

Michael C (gb) wrote: For Fans Of: Strippers? Date Night: No Art Factor: None Fun Factor: None Emotional Factor: None Intelligence Required: None Essential Viewing: No The Plot: Strippers deal with everyday life My Take: This was terrible. Bad acting by some decently big names (Sandra Oh, Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Tilly, Kristin Bauer). The script was as boring as you can get. And it's a movie about strippers! I mean, you would think that it would at least be a bit exciting, but oh no, not at all. It drug on and on. I would not recommend this hookers with a heart of gold tale to anyone (unless you are really into name boobs, then you can mark some off your list with this crap).

Simon H (fr) wrote: When i purchased this movie for 99p (in UK), i wasn't expect a great movie. Normeally these movies have bad effects, bad acting and a terrible script, but i was totally surprised about this film. 'Spiders' is an enjoyable film from start to finish. Naturally the story isn't original and there are a few cheesy lines, but overall the script had a nice twist. The acting was actually very good and quite professional for this film. The special effects wasn't the best, and seemed flawed in a few places, such as the spider changing sizes, but it's not the worse. There are a few scenes which look wonderful on film, particularly the spider flipping the car. Overall, this is a wonderful film to watch, but i should add something. If you want a shorter version of the film, then watch the trailer (well, at least the trailer on the DVD), as the trailer reveals everything, including the deaths. Enjoy

Mike M (ca) wrote: Lou Ferrigno stars as undoubtedly the most-muscular Sinbad ever filmed, in this Italian cinecitta production helmed by original Inglorious Bastards director Enzo Castellari. The story itself is actually quite good (credited at the onset to Poe, of all sources) wherein Sinbad must retrieve a collection of jewels - one at a time, from exotic and harrowing locales - in order to restore peace to a city held captive by an evil wizard. It's in the budget where the flick falls short, as the effects-au-fromage just can't measure up. Like most Italian genre pics, the music (here, an inexplicable space-age organ) is weird and surreal - as is the dubbing, with Ferrigno's (mercifully) somehow quite good. The wizard's on the other hand? Quite, quite bad. Better than you would think overall, however, with credit to Castellari and writer Cozzi (both industry veterans of many genres) getting the most out of a modest budget.

Leah V (es) wrote: !!!Quirky and comical take on invasive species. Also interviews with some terrific characters you just can't make up! I had to watch this in class, and I loved it.

Sgt C (es) wrote: (58%)Wow, the "pro" critic over at Juicy Cerebellum did a great job with "Every single one of these sucked". What all two of them? Jackass. Anyone familiar with 80's and 90's urban based beat-em-up video games (Streets of rage, Double dragon, Vendetta) will notice a connection with the representation of street gangs and a city in turmoil. This is a more fun, less gritty, action based affair with "Evil Peebles" facing the rough end of Ginty's flame thrower as he quite literary takes out the trash. Any fans of the original, or Cannon's brand of 80's R-rated action should check this out. And what a poster! They don't make'em like that any more.

Isadore H (it) wrote: A hilarious comedy, filled with tons of great situational humor and gags. Very good acting from the three leads and especially Jack Lemmon. Each scene seems to be filled with a little joke and repeated viewings may be necessary to catch all of them. Funny, entertaining, and even the final scene has the best joke of the whole movie in my opinion

Scott S (ag) wrote: My second Kurosawa film based on a Shakespearean play. As much as I loved Ran, this i felt was better acted and flowed better as a film.

Emily H (it) wrote: Not bad but not great

Julian T (ru) wrote: I'm not usually one to question other peoples opinions, but I have to ask what the hell is wrong with all these people rating this sucktastic film higher than 1 star?? This was definetly in the top 15 worst movies I've ever seen. Unbearably boring, with no backbone, no reason to care, absolutley NO scares or horror of any kind, no nothing. Goofy at best plot + horrible at best script and acting = A serious serious failure. The score truely shows off how bad and simply uncreative James Horner is, as it is literally the exact same score from his later project, 'Aliens'. Badly filmed as well, as the 'wolf-o-vision' is laughable and mundane. Most movies of this sort are bad because they lack any sort of plot; exchanging it for mindless action/gore/whatever. This method of bad film making is at least entertaining. This film on the other hand, exhanges its plot for absolutley nothing. There is no 'deeper meaning' here, as some of the other reviews seem to suggest. There is no nothing, other than boring, dry, tedious, badly made garbage.