Gangs of Chicago

Gangs of Chicago

A criminal uses his knowledge of the law for his not-very-legal purposes, betraying friends along the way.

A criminal uses his knowledge of the law for his not-very-legal purposes, betraying friends along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ali R (nl) wrote: it really touched me

Toh H (br) wrote: an interesting film about the perfection of martial art. the plot is simple and straight forward. there may be certain things left hanging and unanswered at the end of the film.i find that the sudden change in style towards the ending, disconnects the flow of the film, which i believe to be deliberate.

Jacob B (ag) wrote: Jack Black fits the role of Po as if it had been tailored to his feet. Which, combined with the positive message sent through the story, as well as uber fun action, makes this easily one of the best Dreamworks animations.A

Alex D (nl) wrote: holy hell is this some funny stuff. she says things that i would never even DREAM of saying, let alone to the world!!!!!! i love your filthy mouth sarah!!!!

Nicole S (ag) wrote: The visuals are breath-taking and the stories unforgettable. It feels like you're sitting around the campfire listening to tales of old. Well worth a watch, if not 2 or 3.

ninten p (au) wrote: arrgh the end of yahoo's carrer as we know it!

Nicole R (mx) wrote: This is soooo hilarious. A very young Patrick Dempsey and Daniel Stern. Anyone who does not laugh needs a vital sign check.

Ryan H (us) wrote: Before watching Saint Jack I thought it was going to be a flat out comedy. But really, it's a drama with some comedy added in. The story follows a pimp who knows pretty much everybody in Singapore, whether through good relations or bad. New characters that come into films are usually used to let the audience understand the situation, which is what he used the british man William Leigh for, but he also used him to separate the film in three acts. An interesting concept even if I don't believe that every film definitely needs 3 acts. The film is about morals. Ben Gazzara will work as selling women, but he will not betray them, and more importantly he seems to worry about the wellness of everyone. Jack is a loving man with different ideas on morality. One of the strangest scenes in the movie is when the army kid beats the prostitute. I expected Jack to go in and beat the crap out of him, but instead he just gives him a long look and leaves. I don't know if this was because Bogdanovich likes to take away from the audience what they expect or if there is actually a point? And the James Bond music to the two transexual prostitutes dancing was hilarious. Apparently that's why no one can use the James Bond theme in movies today. Really great film with a strong performance by Ben Gazzara.

Garrett T (au) wrote: Probably my favorite of all the Ilsa films. It's so gleefully over the top and it's absolutely disgusting. Dyanne Thorne is amazing, as always.

Carreh R (br) wrote: Quite some controversial subjects to tackle in 1959 and very well done. Quite progressive for its time. There are 4 main controversial issues explored in this film and I won't tell you what they are so as not to spoil the story but suffice it to say that, along with being an intriguing film about human depravity, it gives much food for thought. The acting was superb. It is always a joy to watch Katherine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor act and quite a pleasure to see a young Montgomery Clift as the level headed doctor. I highly recommend this film.

Oliver N (fr) wrote: Although it's plot is sweet and Vince Vaughn as the main character is good, Delivery Man simply just fails to excite or interest the viewer, possibly due to a sub-par script, lack of originality or simply just the sheer amount of genre clichs it uses. In all, it isn't a total trainwreak of a film; however one that needs to be improved upon greatly to surprise the viewer.Verdict: C

Taio G (au) wrote: Pretty boring with horrible acting and no scary moments at all.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: A fun, nostalgic trip to a simpler time. Not much happens, but these guys sitting around talking is infectious and realistic.

Heather M (au) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.