Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York

It's 1863. America was born in the streets. Amsterdam Vallon returns to the Five Points of America to seek vengeance against the psychotic gangland kingpin, Bill the Butcher, who murdered his father years earlier. With an eager pickpocket by his side and a whole new army, Vallon fights his way to seek vengeance on the Butcher and restore peace in the area.

When his father is killed in New York City, Amsterdam Vallon returns in 1863 to hunt down the killer, the ruthless, Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting. It's not easy for Amsterdam as gangs roam a corrupt New York City, with Bill Cutting ruling over everyone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul L (fr) wrote: Not brilliant, but a pleasant enough little movie.

Tim H (es) wrote: May see this someday just to laugh at it. It's got my man Kane Kosugi in it somewhere, so that's neat.

Matt B (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies. A visual poem that starts off beautiful and ends in tragedy. Brilliantly unconventional and bone-chilling.

Todd S (de) wrote: While you may not know the name Phillip K. Dick, many of the biggest Science Fiction films of the last thirty years have been adaptations of his work. Dick is responsible for the films Blade Runner, The Terminator, Total Recall, Minority Report, and Paycheck just to name a few. Due to the popularity of his work in film and how successful they've been, even a lesser known work like Paycheck has been made into a film. The story includes many of the action sequences and interesting characters associated with Dick's stories, but Paycheck does lack the futuristic Science Fiction that has become Dick's signature, which is the main reason this story isn't as well known as his other works. The story takes place in modern day, where a man is offered an irresistible deal. Jennings (Ben Affleck) is told that if he works on a secret project for the next 3 years, he will receive 100 million dollars. The only catch being that after the 3 years are up, Jennings memory will be erased and he will have no idea what he worked on. As expected, Jennings accepts the deal and returns to his life 3 years later, but nothing is that simple. Soon everyone from the FBI to bounty hunters show up trying to get to him, and the only clues he has come from an envelope he sent himself, containing 19 random items that seem to have little or no value. Ben Affleck stars and by this point we all know how I feel about him. Affleck is a terrific Director, who seems to have little interest in acting anymore. Paycheck however is a 2003 film, a time before Affleck had proven himself and he shows that rare charisma that is only present in his real early work. His performance is outstanding and aided further by his chemistry with co-star Uma Thurman. Thurman is another performer who I find isn't very good unless she's in very specific type of role, and fortunately for Affleck, this is one of those roles. Paycheck is missing the big signature associated with Dick's work and will be somewhat disappointing to his fans. I did miss the futuristic element, but I was intrigued by the mystery Jennings was trying to solve and the 19 items. Combined with the action sequences, (that are always top notch) Paycheck isn't what I expected, but was still very well done and definitely worth watching.

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(de) wrote: kind confusing. it was hard to stay on track with the plot. but it was all in all a good film.

Tristan G (it) wrote: I love everything that Crispin Glover touches, so I know I'm going to love this. Hell, even if it really really sucks I'll still love it!

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Jonah W (jp) wrote: Campy fun. A fun movie. Flixster is incorrect- it's rated R.

Alexander W (us) wrote: Together with the Project As, my favourite Jackie Chan!

Lawrence S (gb) wrote: A classic. This is one of Vivien Leigh's all-time best performances. It was also her favorite film that she did. The movie is heartbreaking, powerful, and just as effective now - all these years later. Watch Ms. Leigh at the height of her beauty and talent.

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