The story is about a priest, Father Ferriera, who unwittingly becomes a witness to the rape and murder of a village woman by the rich man of the village, Chandulal Seth. Father Ferriera is framed for the crime by Chandulal Seth and is sent to the jail instead. During the jail time spent Father Ferriera develops a good friendship with some of the jail mates. On release from the jail, he along with his former jail mates decide on taking revenge with Chandulal Seth who is now one of the richest jewelers of the world.

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Alailson B (au) wrote: Direo primorosa de Karim Anouz e Wagner Moura excelente como sempre, ainda que o roteiro escorregue aqui e ali.

Dan G (mx) wrote: This actually wasn't a bad movie. By far better than the first Blue Crush, but nowhere comparable to Soul Surfer. Overall, not a bad watch.

Krista G (gb) wrote: Incredibly powerful and real, it shows what it's really like for the men and women working on the front lines of war.

Jessica R (it) wrote: Some good moments. I loved Will Ferrell's character. But overall not that impressed. Recommend | add comment

Aaron F (br) wrote: An awesome documentary, with a lot of cool interviews. I didn't know a lot about this fight other than what most people have heard, so it was rather interesting and educational for me. Definitely a must-see.

Enmanuel Ivanov A (fr) wrote: una verdader joya del cine

Leslie K (ca) wrote: I loved this was so fun. Mary Wickes (God rest her soul) was at her "crusty old lady" best in this movie. Haley cream cheesy!!!

Alexander C (kr) wrote: This was a good film, funny yet sick!

Mathieu C (nl) wrote: This is a film that is so absurdly bad that it must be seen to believe. The film is not meant to be take seriously but the film follows a formula which can only be enjoyable if the audience can buy into what is going on. The film is essentially a male fantasy come to life but comes off as chauvenistic and absurd. This is a film where you can enjoy it for its badness, as I'm sure it was when it was first released.

Harry B (it) wrote: Walter Huston delivers a marvelous performance as Mr. Scratch, and Edward Arnold is quite good as Daniel Webster, but the young couple is not particularly compelling. I prefer Anne Shirley to James Craig, who I think lacks charisma, but her character is somewhat unsympathetic.

Nate W (fr) wrote: Rene Clair's "A nous la liberte" is a quaint little comedy that satirizes the industrial revolution through a number of simple visual gags; parallels are drawn between a factory assembly line and a prison workhouse, the money of a rich factory director literally becomes stained with the blood of a worker, and wealthy businessmen run about like chickens trying to grab cash falling from the sky, sacrificing their dignity in pursuit of the almighty dollar. The story is told with charming lightheartedness, using many techniques adopted from silent cinema. Though his film is a talkie, Clair does not dwell on dialogue, but makes better use of music, sound effects, and even song throughout the picture, which trots along at an appropriately brisk pace. Many credit "A nous la liberte" with influencing Charlie Chaplin's subsequent classic "Modern Times".

Alexander P (br) wrote: Creeped the crap out of me in some parts. Chloe was great as she usually is. But Julianne just took the creepiness to a whole new level. Some deaths did shock me but this shows that you should never piss off a girl at Prom!

Aaron M (gb) wrote: Welcome to the Jungle is a generic but solid action comedy. Starring Dwayne Johnson in his earlier movie days and a couple of other stars its a well made movie which resembles movies of the 90's. The Rock and William-Scotts rapport feels natural and provides much of the humour and the pacing is good with lots of hard hitting action to endure. Whilst it does nothing new its an entertaining movie which is nice to unwind too.

Juliano K (au) wrote: Lamely great. Recommended

Daniel T (ag) wrote: Terrvel filme, completa perda de tempo e dinheiro. De to ruim, que sai na metade do filme, preferi ir assistir netflix em casa. At agora o pior filme do ano.