Gangster No. 1

Gangster No. 1

An old gangster is advised that Freddie Mays would leave jail after thirty years in prison. His mood changes and he recalls when he was a young punk, who joined Freddie Mays' gang, a man he both envied and ultimately betrayed.

Chronicles the rise and fall of a prominent, and particularly ruthless English gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David F (us) wrote: I'll watch any movie with Cate Blanchett and this is worth every minute. Add in Add Alec Baldwin as her slimy husband and how can you go wrong? They're a seriously rich couple and she never questions where the money comes from. When the marriage falls apart and Baldwin's character goes to prison, she has to learn how to live like normal people live, and it's a huge struggle.

Mary W (ag) wrote: C'est fou! i love this movie. I show it to my French classes and they love it! I've seen it about 15 times and I still laugh hysterically at each viewing. ( I must have a semi-warped sense of humor) It seems like my more erudite students appreciate it more. It is better to watch in small doses (15-20 minutes) to truly appreciate the wacky humor.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: What an awesome movie! With a title like 'Hot Tub Time Machine' you'd expect it be one of those awful straight to Netflix movies, but with great characters, hilarious jokes and an all around fun feel, this movie is fantastic! This is a perfect movie to watch if you are having a bad day and you need some cheering up. This movie will put a smile on your face!

John N (de) wrote: Cannot get enough of this movie. Best movie ever.

Tsubaki S (it) wrote: A well made genre pic, no twists, no pointless gore, no big "boo!" loud noises or other stupid bullshit gimmicks. Just a straigh and well paced narrative, acceptable performances and a wise use of the camera. The movie takes it's time to build the suspense, the tension. Most of the characters are interchangable, and the script is full of familiar places, but the movie is made well enough to make you forget that. This is what asian horror has been known to do best, when they are at their best. No noisy quick cuts to "scare" the audience, just a sense of desperation that slowly builds up and catches you off-guard. Atmosphere done right in other words, a movie that actually thinks of it's audience as grown adults and not hyperactive ADHD teens that can't keep their attention on anything for more than 3 seconds. This is no masterpiece, but it doesn't have to be. Considering how rare is these days to find well made genre movies, when hollywood's idea of "fun at the cinema" is just filling everything with CGI, this type of movie is more than welcome.

David F (br) wrote: Some nice scenery, but ultimately boring.

Zachary Y (ca) wrote: had potential to add some campy but new age scares to the series, much like Bloodline before it. If only they'd sticked to their sci-fi plot ideas. there are so many different horror movie concepts going on that its just an abortion.

Lester Y (ca) wrote: Helloooo, Claire Denis. Word on the street is that her great body of work over the last decade are only rivaled by the best of the best, so I chose 2002's Friday Night to pop my Denis cherry. There's a story going on, but it's almost secondary: a French woman is in the process of moving out, and on the way to dinner with friends she encounters a man looking for a ride and they get stuck in a traffic jam, and the romance begins. I also heard that Denis typically casts really hot leading ladies in her films and she's not messing around with this Valerie Lemercier, who is quite stunning in a totally appealing, earthy way.It's unconventional in that unlike most movies, it doesn't go through peaks and troughs or the buildup-climax-resolution formula, but in the insignificant and typical Denis finds the poetic and dream-like. The erotic scenes are inevitable, and it's not quite the climax of the movie, so to speak, as it just...happens in an oddly ordinary way. She embraces intimacy, shooting the scenes with extreme close-ups, follows along movement, and lets the scenes linger for longer than most may hope. Example, for the first five minutes Lemercier marks boxes, takes a bath, and other seemingly uninteresting things, with no semblance of a narrative going on. But Friday Night is more about finding beauty in the daily grind of life, even things we take for granted, than actually telling a story. It's an empowering, optimistic message, and most will find this style grating and unbearable, but I was so immersed into this impossibly blissful atmosphere that I felt effortlessly carried along with the ride. I look forward to more.

Edith N (br) wrote: What Happens When We Lie to People About Their Competence It is actually surprisingly easy to feel sorry for Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. Yes, his work was horribly flawed. It helped give false support to one of the most odious claims in all of conspiracism--the one I routinely forget about when I list conspiracies because it's so much more complicated than the others. He was unqualified to make the studies he did, and he is now unwilling to acknowledge that his results were fatally flawed. However, you have to look at his life and realize that he has always been told that he is capable of doing things he is not. He managed before; he did not manage this time. His life has fallen apart because of it, and it seems apparent that he doesn't understand why. I doubt anyone would be capable of explaining it to him in a way that would get through to him, and it seems that a basically good man may now have been lost to a hateful group he would otherwise never have known. Fred A. Leuchter, Jr., got his start by creating an improvement to the electric chair. His father had, in fact, been a prison guard, so Fred came by his interest naturally, as you might say. And for some reason--even Leuchter isn't entirely sure why--someone decided that a man who could design an electric chair could design a lethal injection system. So he did. And then there were gallows; he made those, too. And then, of all things, he got a call about one Ernst Zndel. Zndel was on trial in Canada for publishing things he knew to be false that were likely to increase racial hatred. Specifically, that the Holocaust never happened. Zndel and his defenders hired Leuchter and sent him to Auschwitz to test the remains of the gas chambers for evidence of cyanide gas. Because, you know, that was totally something Leuchter was qualified to do. He went to Auschwitz. He took samples. He sent the samples to a lab. And the lab results showed no signs of cyanide on the samples. Well, sort of. You see, documentarian Errol Morris interviews the chemist who performed the tests, James Roth, and the tests he performed were in no way accurate for what Leuchter wanted. In an attempt, I guess, at getting unbiased results, Leuchter didn't tell the lab where the samples came from. Which is fair enough. But instead of testing the surfaces, the only place you would expect to find cyanide, the chemist pulverized the samples and tested the whole thing, and that would obviously skew results. Especially given how large some of the samples were and how thin the cyanide deposits would be. What's more, Leuchter made untenable assumptions about his sampling technique, ignoring the effects that fifty years of weathering, for example, would have on things and claiming that everything at Auschwitz had remained exactly the same the whole time. It is, in short, a very good example of why you need to know what you're doing in order to produce accurate results. Equally disgusted with Leuchter's techniques is historian Robert Jan Van Pelt, who presents for the camera just a little of the documentation available there in Auschwitz of exactly what happened there. Leuchter says he would expect to find evidence of a ventilation system; Van Pelt shows the blueprints, the order forms, and so forth--and the information showing why the system itself isn't there anymore. Van Pelt, in fact, seems to blame Sherlock Holmes for the whole thing. Leuchter expects the best evidence to be on the walls, and after these many years, the archives are a better place to start. The inescapable conclusion is that Zndel knew that a qualified historian would not present the result he wanted, so he rigged the deck. (It should be noted that it didn't work, and he was convicted.) Leuchter doesn't even read German or Polish, surely an important skill for anyone doing primary research at Auschwitz. By showing us Van Pelt, Morris makes it very obvious why Leuchter's results are untrustworthy. I really do blame that first person who said, "Yes, this man who makes electric chairs is perfect to design our lethal injection system!" And after all, hardly anyone now uses Leuchter's lethal injection system, because it's too complicated. (Well, he also has a hard time finding work these days, for some reason.) His goals in preventing execution from being painful are admirable. However, he was assumed to be more competent than he really was, and he came to believe it himself. He has no qualifications in the kind of history or chemistry he would need to be the kind of expert he has come to believe himself to be. In the only moment in the whole film where Morris speaks, he asks Leuchter if he's considered the possibility that his conclusions are wrong, and Leuchter says that he can no longer accept that it is true. However, true science means always knowing you might be wrong. Leuchter not only doesn't seem to know that, he doesn't know why his conclusions might upset his former Jewish friends.

Velmina C (de) wrote: It was one of my faves back in the days...

Mary Jo B (nl) wrote: this is a great teen movie and not to mention some good songs ,, gave it 5 stars

Rodney E (ca) wrote: This started off well but got pretty aimless as it went on. There are a couple chuckles and some decent cameos but all in all it remains a 90's curiosity.

Eric H (fr) wrote: As weak as this movie looks (and sometimes IS), it has a lot of funny jokes and one-liners in it that you will be quoting in your head - even 20 years later.

Brian N (ag) wrote: One of those random 1980s movies I remember watching back in the day. I believe its the first place I ever heard the name Thor. Anyway, its one of those films I should have left in the past. It just wasn't what I remembered.

Jochen W (us) wrote: Eine gro?e Hommage an Sam Peckinpah, einerseits. Und andererseits ein u?erst clever erzhlter, knochentrockener Actioner, der in einer nur dem oberflchlichen Blick wirr erscheinenden Struktur zwei Systeme aufeinanderprallen lsst. Der zunchst klare Konflikt zwischen zwei befreundeten, einander Respekt entgegenbringenden Antagonisten auf unterschiedlichen Seiten des Gesetzes wird unscharf durch die Verflechtung mit einem zweiten Plotstrang, der diese Geradlinigkeit und die Trennung von Gesetz und Verbrechen in undurchsichtigen, entfremdeten Befehlshierarchien unscharf werden lsst. Die No-Nonsense-Attitde Nick Noltes lsst ihn als ziemlich einzigen das abschlie?ende Bleigewitter berleben - gewonnen hat er allerhchstens teilweise. "Dieses Land braucht Helden, aber ein Held braucht ein Ziel. Alles ist so unbersichtlich geworden."

Deborah R (it) wrote: slow and stupid. Very stupid. the only decent part were the last ninety seconds of the movie, the reunion with Robbie.

Richard G (au) wrote: I saw kill bill the whole bloody affair on Quientin Tarintino birthday with mr Tarintino he selected movie trailers of movies that inspired kill bill,funny thing was he didn't choose lady snow blood and now I know why he totally ripped off the movie . This movie is absolute carnage but it's so choreographed that this movie takes an artistic sense of death and dismemberment

Joe R (de) wrote: This film is just creepy and not in a good way. I was relieved when it ended.

Heather M (br) wrote: Eek! An Elvis Presley movie that I must never watch!!!

Stanley C (ag) wrote: Rise of the Planet of the Apes has a great science fiction story that includes a negative satire of human control towards animals and a very pessimistic tone expressing the horrors of social Darwinism and careless creation of unstoppable disease. The film's ending is quite similar to Animal Farm and King Kong. I have been looking forward to the announced sequel DAWN, and I also enjoyed that. So far, this is my favorite "Planet of the Apes" movie.