Ganja & Hess

Ganja & Hess

After being stabbed with an ancient, germ-infested knife, a doctor's assistant finds himself with an insatiable desire for blood.

After being stabbed with an ancient, germ-infested knife, a doctor's assistant finds himself with an insatiable desire for blood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denise B (it) wrote: Once Mike went completely off the rails, I don't get why Kyle didn't just immediately kill him every time he saw him, until the day finally stopped repeating. NOBODY should watch this crap, even bored silly at 2 in the morning like I was when it came on Showtime. Its 90 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

Official C (br) wrote: With strong lead performances and brilliant suspense, this is an excellent, dark and grim adaptation of McCarthy's novel.

(au) wrote: I liked this even more than Fish Tank, mostly for the exceptional on-hand camera, and its even greater intensity.

Jonny B (fr) wrote: Now this is scary! No I don't mean the stunts; I mean how PATHETIC an action film which was created. Extreme Ops follows the cheesy plot line of a stunt making film crew who happen to go to the Austrian Alps and accidentally record some footage of a terrorist who then wants the crew dead! I apologize profusely to anyone who assumes this sounds good because trust me, it's the most forgettable action wannabe out there! First of all there is no plot; when I said the plot was cheesy I wasn't lying, the plot what was actually there was cheesy. While the non-existent story does nothing to help matters, neither do the woeful bunch stereotypical characters who are so bland it is unbelievable. Honestly, you would find more personality in a dead plant pot! While Extreme Ops may sound fun at first, it is a dire attempt at an action film which has so many weak areas such as acting, personality, action and more. So if you're in a DVD shop this weekend, go for the Mission Impossible films or something like that.

Pablo C (ag) wrote: La comedia romntica por antonomasia.

Alex D (it) wrote: In Refn's first ever film we see the director's ability for gritty realistic stories. The film feels like a mixture of something like Breathless and Man Bites Dog, this hybrid of mockumentary and french new wave crime. I wouldn't say I necessarily liked the cinematography but felt for the low budget and story I respected it. The acting felt real as if before acting these people possibly did live similar lives. Another movie that did this for me, was one of my favorite movies of all time, City of God. I think this really helps to make the story more believable.

Austin N (gb) wrote: The way the trucks are by there self awsome

Vincent G (au) wrote: A visual,beautifuly crafted masterpiece about the legend of king arthur and his almighty sword.

Holly B (nl) wrote: Adorable cat! Cute film!

Alan C (nl) wrote: Not much of a racing story, but a good, and touching film.

Amy S (es) wrote: It's one of my dad's favorite movies.

Ken S (nl) wrote: House of Frankenstein was two movies smashed together...a random pointless Dracula story, followed by a bad sequel to "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"...this time it at least has only one plot line, concerning all these monsters ending up at a Mad Doctor's castle for his help. Well Dracula and the Wolf Man come...the Monster just happens to be buried underneath for some odd reason. Despite the more consistent plot and a bit more still pretty much sucks. You want Lugosi, and Caradine, while not really just no Lugosi. The pretty lady hunchback is about the only interesting twist this film has. Mostly it is more of the same from the previous Universal Monster Mish Mash. It was sort of the closure of the original run of the Universal Monsters. Many would return in the Abbott & Costello comedies, but this was their last true horror film.

Greg W (br) wrote: even adolph menjou can't ruin this comedy

Tony R (ag) wrote: Post Civil War Frontiersmen out to smite one another! kick ass!

Kevin R (fr) wrote: There is no quick return.A spaceship is discovered at the bottom of the ocean that appears to have been sitting there for about three hundred years. A group of scientists are put together and sent down to research the vessel. They discover some beings were there before and a unique sphere sits in the middle of the craft that causes the individuals who encounter it to behave differently and manifest their fears. Can the group of scientists overcome their fears and escape?"You seem strangely detached."Barry Levinson, director of Wag the Dog, Sleepers, Bugsy, Rain Man, Toys, The Natural, Avalon, Liberty Heights, Disclosure, and Good Morning, Vietnam, delivers Sphere. The storyline for this picture is based on the fantastic book by Michael Crichton (which was way better). The special effects and pace of this film were just okay and the acting was mediocre as well despite having a solid cast of Samuel L. Jackson, Dustin Hoffman, and Sharon Stone."It's a bogus report."I was excited to see this movie when it first came out because I loved the book so much; unfortunately, this falls well flat of the book. This wasn't as intense as it should have been and the ending falls a little flat. Overall, I recommend skipping the movie and reading the book."Your fears are going to kill all of us."Grade: C

Ryne D (ru) wrote: It was everything I wanted from a BMS movie. Yeah it might not have wrapped up every lose end that the series finale left open, but it did a damn good job of showing BMS at its most unfiltered natural state that it always wanted to reach. Shiloh and Raydon both have cameos in the film but that's really all it is for them so if you're expecting those characters to have a returning role you'll be bummed. Rise of Thadland is a fantastic swan song for the heart and soul of BMS that finally allows the show to hit the level of obsurdity that tv couldn't touch. I would love nothing more than to see more of these characters, but I'm fairly content with where they end up by the end.