After trying to rescue a man on the subway tracks, two teens wake up in a room dominated by a mysterious black sphere that sends them to hunt down and kill aliens hiding on Earth.

After trying to rescue a man on the subway tracks, two teens wake up in a room dominated by a mysterious black sphere that sends them to hunt down and kill aliens hiding on Earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gantz torrent reviews

Jocey D (it) wrote: It's slow but it's poignant. Sad tale with a sweet ending.

Julie F (ca) wrote: a bit corny but a real good example of a married women , husband , kids and still struggling with the what if's... plus Brad is such a cutie.

Sean D (ru) wrote: The reason I ended up watching this is because I went to a 24hr 3D marathon ( Fantastic) and lets just say this movie was used by almost eveyone for power napping. Personnaly I stayed up and watched it and I bet if I hadnt already been up for 18hrs I might have enjoyed it... For about the first half hour anyways. It was kinda cool though how it made you feel like you a part of the crowd at the concert, however I still wonder why they thought we needed to see a man sing for an hour and a half in3D.

Peter F (ru) wrote: It could be considered a cross between Haneke and early Cronenberg, but viewers are still likely to leave Dogtooth feeling that they've seen something completely different. With robotic characters, literally difficult sex scenes, and seemingly random dialogue (which changes the meanings of conventional words) this Greek film is certainly the most Lynchian of this year's best foreign film nominations. Is it an arthouse take on dysfunctional families, an allegory of the interrelatedness of sex and violence, or a commentary on the ineptitude of living an unconflicted life? Whatever it is, Dogtooth certainly launches director Giorgos Lanthimos as a unique talent to look out for.

Nicole O (de) wrote: Bring on more concert films! This one is marvelous, especially James Brown and B.B. King!

Countess N (br) wrote: Nice story but it dragged on way too long,would of made a good short film.

Mike M (de) wrote: SNIPER 2 came on cable the other stars Tom Berenger. HOLY CRAP BALLS...this movie sucked for me. I turned it off 1/2 way through...just couldn't take it. Don't get me wrong - I'm a fan of SNIPER...but good lord...SNIPER 2 blew. Tom's character - same hard ass sniper...but trying to believe Bokeem Woodbine's sniper self...NOT! and I like the dude. 1/2 for Mr. Tom.

Michael W (nl) wrote: American family inherits Italian castle which houses an abused freak in the basement. No surprises here, with only a little insight provided on the freak. Full Moon usually delivers more with their shoestring budgets.

Scott H (ru) wrote: These reviews are total crap. This movie is much muuch better than people give it credit for. If you don't get Verhoeven, you won't get this film. The guy in the reviews below who says this should be shown as a "what not to do" movie to film students is an idiot.

Steve W (ca) wrote: I had a friend called Mac when I was younger who coincidentally looked identical to that Mac. I think about him alot under my covers.

Arianeta L (ru) wrote: I want to see this film because Ana Torrent

Mohammad H (de) wrote: fazaye tarike dahe 80 torkie .enteghadi ejtemaiye vali be siasataye hokumat nezamio in jur chizam bad mitaze/ dardnak bud makhsusan marge Zin

Bud K (de) wrote: Funny show as I recall it - mind you I saw this one when I was a kid. My dad took me to it! Ahhh the 70's. Pretty cheesy afro caper kind of show, but I dunno, I'd see it again!

Matt C (ru) wrote: I did enjoy this but I also found it kind of Casablanca-lite in tone, the story never really captivates and Ford is no Bogart. Hayworth of course looks amazing on screen and lights up the scene whenever she is present. The homo-erotic undertones are also extremely clever especially for the time. Worth seeing but not quite the Hollywood classic for me.

Jacky L (gb) wrote: the least enjoyable atom egoyan so far, felt like he tried to take on a lil bit too much here. not too compelling a watch.

Mike B (es) wrote: An odd film without much of a story. The B-story romance is scattershot and incomplete. If the only thing the film wishes to show is frustration and randomness, it succeeds. The soundtrack was inappropriate and intrusive. Robbins and BDT are fine actors, but don't have much to work with. Wait for cable and don't expect to be thrilled with it.