Garbage Prince

Garbage Prince

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Garbage Prince torrent reviews

Dustin N (mx) wrote: I can't stand when movies feel the need to remind the audience of the stereotypes of characters, and this movie frequently needs to remind you that these characters are southern as hell, except they can't get the accents.

Frances H (us) wrote: Moving biopic of the life of Reinaldo Arenas, Cuban dissident writer and intellectual brutally imprisoned for his "decadent" novels by the totalitarian Castro regime. How ironic that one of the places enticing with the thought of freedom in Arenas' time in Cuba was Guantanamo Bay. A stellar performance by Xavier Bardem.

Spencer H (ru) wrote: A great, great animated film with amazing animation, the creatures in this movie are beautiful to look at. Spirited Away had great themes, and turned out to be more than your typical animation.

Denise G (mx) wrote: A very good film. Great cast as well. A heartfelt movie.

RA L (it) wrote: PAN AND SCAN. La historia es bastante estndar, pero el sutil aura de misterio y, sobre todo, de transitoriedad que logra la directora es ejemplar. / The story is quite standard, but the subtle aura of mystery and, especially, transience that the director accomplishes is quite exemplary.

Maria G (de) wrote: Gene Kelly was dreamy in this one. He dances with a newpaper here. Can you tell I am a fan? Sigh. . .

Damien C (es) wrote: Terrible casting, make-up and script. I saw Anthony Hopkins the whole time, not Alfred Hitchcock, and Scarlett and Jessica look nothing like the actresses they're portraying. Helen Mirren was the only redeeming feature.

Nate T (us) wrote: Classic. If one is to watch it as a double bill, pair it with The Public Enemy (1931). Might as well since the "disclaimer" at the beginnings of both films reference both films.

Rainer H (it) wrote: While most others didn't like it I thought the movie was really suspenseful and claustrophobic. Could have skipped some cliches about characters, though. Worthwile to watch if you really like realistic adventure movies.