Garden of Evil

Garden of Evil

A trio of American adventurers marooned in rural Mexico are recruited by a beautiful woman to rescue her husband from Apaches.

When the lady Leah Fuller's husband is trapped in a gold mine called the "Garden of Evil, she desperately asks a trio of American adventurers for help. They starts going on an rescue mission. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Garden of Evil torrent reviews

Matthew M (au) wrote: awesome movie i strongly recommend cheeking it out.

Ingmar A (nl) wrote: Blood into Wine never can't decide if it wants to be about Maynard (the 'rock star') or, a couple of blokes defying the odds as winemakers in Arizona. Filled with attempts at comedy, possibly trying to loosen up a topic oft considered snobby and cliquey, it's the factual and serious sections that actually resonate. I'm a wine drinker AND a Tool fan so I probably got more out of this doco than most.

James R (es) wrote: I just thought I knew how fucked up the Iraq War was. 7,000 years worth of artifacts from some of the earliest civilizations were burned to the ground in Iraqi museums and our soldiers had explicit orders not to stop the looting. FUCK

Andrea B (br) wrote: Al principio es muy lenta pero conforme avanza, la pelcula demuestra ser una excelente adaptacin de la obra de Stephen King

Ignacio V (it) wrote: la clave est en los dilogos

Indra W (es) wrote: I think this could be a great movie at the time.

Isaac J (mx) wrote: Delightfully bleak 70's western with lots of quality squib work. Not too spectacular but gets the job done admirably.

Jason M (br) wrote: Actually this movie wasn't bad.

Mikael S (it) wrote: THIS IS TERRIFIC STUFF. Pure popcorn heaven.

Jim S (mx) wrote: Silly low budget horror flick that tries to play it funny but just comes across as absurd and corny. A young Jennifer Aniston stars here and I guess it goes to show that everyone has to get their start somewhere.