Garden of Heaven

Garden of Heaven


Oh-sung, a doctor at a hospice facility, is emotionally scarred by the experience of losing his parents as a child. One night he meets Young-ju, a make-up artist who has been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. Despite having very little time together, the two start to develop feelings for each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caleb L (us) wrote: Amazing to see the history of games and how far we've come.

Katherine S (es) wrote: I was enjoying it but then the in last 20 minutes the movie took a dramatic turn from a movie about a man's desire to catch the perfect wave, into a direct and unashamed attempt at converting viewers to religion. At that point I almost turned it off !

Tarah M (br) wrote: Predictable and over the top, but an entertaining Indian Oceans 11.

Sarah A (kr) wrote: Interesting concept, but film just misses the mark of something that could have been very impressive.

April N (nl) wrote: Good movie. I watched it because Leon was in it. He did not disappoint.

Lupus D (de) wrote: I have faced the fact that I will watch the shite of the earth if Belucci stars in it.

Christian M (es) wrote: Really don't know what to make of this film. Really creepy, surreal, and atmospheric, which is to be expected from Lynch but.. whaaaat? This is even more baffling and cryptic than Mulholland Drive (which I freakin adore), if that's possible, although I didn't quite find Lost Highway's characters as interesting or the story as engaging. Who knows? Maybe it'll grow on me but so far, I'd probably consider this to be the weakest Lynch film that I've seen.

Frank H (jp) wrote: My Favorite Love Story, This Movie Is So Real And Touching

Bill G (br) wrote: Your critics are morons! This is one of the best love stories I've ever watched!Rodger Ebert, you should become a food critic as it's obvious all your taste is in your mouth!

Leslie D (ca) wrote: Misogynistic Captain (Michael Caine) calls Sally Field a monkey while they salvage the Poseidon. Corny jump & run upside down adventure with lots of shoot outs and one axe kill. Sally Field was funny though.

Art A (ag) wrote: Strange flick and I'm a Fellini fan so that's odd coming from me. Undoubtedly reading the book might help clarify this oddity. I did like the Noirish mono colour.

Spencer H (jp) wrote: Dr. No is not the best Bond movie, but it started of the series very well and I loved watching it.

Joey P (ru) wrote: This isn't one of Hitchcock's absolute best films, but it's close, and the carousel set piece climax is classic Hitch. Robert Walker is the soul of this movie, turning in a ;memorable performance in his last role before his tragic death. It might not be quite up there with Vertigo and Rear Window, but it's still very, very good.