Garden of Love

Garden of Love

A woman whose family was brutally murdered when she was little is instructed by her family's ghosts to bring the killers to them so their souls can rest in peace.

Rebecca was 11 year-old when her whole family was brutally killed. 10 year later, Rebecca begins to see and hear things, little fragments of the past which then turns out to be how her family's ghosts trying to communicate with her, in order to find and get revenge against the murderer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan Diego L (nl) wrote: Es divertida por lo que es, por querer ver los trucos de magia y por qu (C) lo hacen, pero despu (C)s de un tiempo los trucos ya no se ven como trucos sino como magia real y no es lo que esperaba, el final me sorprendi eso mejor la pelcula.

Roddy T (gb) wrote: Wasn't quite as funny as The Mighty Boosh, but stil pretty cool.

Janetta B (ru) wrote: This movie is really good...I love sharon stone...

Daniel K (es) wrote: A pretty boring plot, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery's potential for more chemistry is marred by a lacklustre plot and a considerable age difference that is less than adequate however this improves near the end of the film and the last scenes show convincing chemistry despite the age gap.. The ridiculous dialogue, particularly in the start and middle of the film and less than exciting action scenes make for an average film.

Curt F (kr) wrote: This one is right on the line but I don't think I can recommend it. It kept my interest, Keitel had his usual type of role. I found myself getting bored about halfway through it just hoping it would end. The story at first was very interesting and I was hooked on what was going to happen, etc. It then slipped away into a man chasing man story that just bored me somewhat. One major critique, why does a movie like this stick Elliot Gould into a character that was in this movie for like 1 minute? It pisses me off when movies do that, that little role would have been better off with a stand in than a highly recognizable actor like that.This movie isn't terrible, it is ok, just not up to my standard of being able to recommend it. It is close though which means many people could watch it and like it. Does that make sense?

Is E (it) wrote: one of my all-time favorites!

Andrew K (us) wrote: A classic football movie...62Stack Monster!

Jonathan P (fr) wrote: Legend of Boggy Creek scorer a point or two for its early use of documentary style film but it is so dull and poorly acted that I quickly lost interest.

Dylan W (gb) wrote: One of my favorite films. The perfect buddy cop movie. Non biased 4stars, personally 5 stars. The set up to the characters is great. The comedy is funny, a couple of gut busters. The action is real and believe able. The crash of characters fit the actors very well. Excellent writing, good performances, solid action, and all around good film making.

Toni K (us) wrote: Slow but decent. Great soundtrack

Ofe M (mx) wrote: I think I can relate to this movie. I'm a writer and I felt the struggle of Rory. The movie is well-done

Ricardo A (de) wrote: A by the numbers eighties horror movie. Witchboard may not be special but it's sure pretty entertaining.

Noname (es) wrote: Hunting in the forest with cannibals and pretty good for this type of movies. Slash here and there.

Ian M (jp) wrote: Maggie is a great actress. Definitely wanna check this out!!