Garfield Gets Real

Garfield Gets Real

Garfield is back with a new look. Tired with his routine as a comic strip star, Garfield escapes the page and heads into the "real world." While living the low-key life of a real housecat, he learns his comic will be cancelled if he doesn't return before the newspaper goes to print. The video games will follow the storyline as Garfield plows through obstacles to make his way back home.

Follow Garfield behind the scenes in Cartoon World where he grows bored with his life as a comic strip star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (ag) wrote: the way its filmed is admirable and the action is pretty good and brutal but the story is mad confusing especially in conjunction with the rest of the franchise.

Codie E (it) wrote: Incredibly powerful and beautiful. This describes the music, photography and scenery on display in this interesting documentary. Obviously being a fan of Sigur Ros helps but even without that it informs so much the mood, history and people of Iceland. I can't think of another film quite like it.

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