• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:1941
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:world war two,  

The Crazy gang invade Nazi Germany !! They accidentally pilot a balloon over enemy territory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gasbags torrent reviews

Adam L (kr) wrote: It's a nice diversion that makes you think a little bit without getting too heavy. Angarano and Temple have fun with their roles. A little more of Alia Shawkat and Bobby Moynihan would've been nice. It's a fun movie to watch.

Olutayo O (es) wrote: Double deal and double cross at best!

Michael S (ru) wrote: Fuckin Hilarious, soundtrack is awesome

KingMoses T (mx) wrote: Best dance and best movie ending ive ever seen

Peter A (au) wrote: Really well made film

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Loved it, They tried something different with the first person scene and in my opinion it paid off, It has to be one of the best game to films, It had almost everything the game did apart from the creatures not coming from Hell but apart from that and Dwaynes very aggressive acting it was fantastic.

John B (us) wrote: This is one funny good movie. If you like Comedies you will love this one. I don't want to describe it cause it gives the theme away but great movie. A Must See!!

Fellipe M (mx) wrote: It may not hold today as well as it did back when it was originally released, but "Platoon" is still a great war movie with wonderful performances and one of Oliver Stone's best movies. 4/5 stars

Miguel A (de) wrote: Os momentos fabulosos de ski a alta velocidade no bastam para camuflar um filme que deixa demasiadas pontas soltas sem resoluo. O Robert Redford (C) sempre uma presena capaz de transmitir o tipo de confiana que esperamos de um desportista de alta competio decidido a vencer tudo e todos. 3,5

Ker Malkin G (ca) wrote: While it is certainly glad to know the teen movie genre has veered off from the teen angst kind of plot and focuses more on the "fun", Beach Blanket Bingo unfortunately proves to be nonsensical, over-the-top and a very scattered teen beach movie.

Rohit V (br) wrote: Nice movie,enjoyed this one...

Jeffrey M (us) wrote: everything you love qbout Raimi in an action movie

Ryan J (jp) wrote: Rough around the edges but fun