Gate of Flesh

Gate of Flesh

After World War II, some Tokyo prostitutes band together with a strict code: no pimps, attack any street walker who comes into our territory, defend the abandoned building we call home, and punish whomever gives away sex (who falls in love). Maya, a young woman whose family has died, joins the group. Into the mix comes Shin, a thief who's killed a G.I. The women allow him to hide while recovering from wounds, but then he won't leave. Maya is drawn to him, discovering as she falls in love that she can feel again; she's now more fully human, but at the same time, she's endangered herself and her livelihood. Can she and Shin make it out of Tokyo to establish life as a couple?

After World War II, some Tokyo prostitutes band together with a strict code: no pimps, attack any street walker who comes into our territory, defend the abandoned building we call home, and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony T (nl) wrote: It was a decent for a low budget film, but nothing that interesting. I'd pass on watching it again.

Bruce s (ca) wrote: a lot like the first man V computer

Marisa R (ca) wrote: It took me 3 installments to watch this movie, even though the visuals and locations are incredible. Why? because of the predictable and cliched story. The music is great, and I would've liked a more variety of songs, instead of the theme song being played in 4 different versions. The humor is very desi in my humble opinion. Other movies try to cater a little bit more to foreign audiences, while this one is very desi with a majority of white extras, including groups of Western people roaming around Punjab, which I thought was very interesting. Even the limousine driver was white, ha what an irony. It just doesn't get more cheesy than this, including the Bachchan's participation which made it feel like a family video. I also had reservations about the choreography in the dance off, many parts of it seems very square and edgy, or maybe the actors are not such good dancers, I am not sure, but they all four seemed a little stiff. Overall, it is ok, the songs, locations, and pretty cars make it good enough for giving it a chance without such high expectations.

Ben K (de) wrote: A great film that shows the problems with importing american style politics to the whole world.

Josh E (de) wrote: Walks a very fine line between slapstick comedy and outright tragedy. Satoshi Kon is able to pull off the very difficult task of remaining reverent of who/what is at the center of the joke while still pulling off some genuine and funny moments. The story meanders a bit, but then, so do the protagonists so the pacing fits the film entirely.Wonderful film, targeted towards adults so don't mistake the friendly cover and animated genre to mean that it is for younglings. This is an intelligent romp through back alleys and closed doors of the heart.

Facu S (nl) wrote: Linda pelicula, de trama simple y llevadera.

cam s (au) wrote: Toni Collette is wonderful: emotional range, plausibility. She carries the movie but is ably assisted by cast, and subtle direction. Better than the Tomatometer says.

Larry S (nl) wrote: Worst and stupidest movie ever. Don't waste your time on this piece of unbelievable crap ! ! !

Gabriel Z (ru) wrote: Very low budget, but pretty awesome.

John N (mx) wrote: I was sadly disappointed. Even with its nice exterior shots and philosophical inquiries, the film comes off as a little pretentious.

Lo (ru) wrote: .:::Simply Brilliant:::.

Dan R (br) wrote: Top notch acting by all, especially Steve mCQueen, Natilie Wood, Herschel Bernardi and Tom Bosley in his debut role as the wannabe boyfriend. Beautiful cinematography and a great script.

Scott C (au) wrote: Surprisingly dark for its day! Another great wartime thriller from Fritz Lang.

Regi H (ag) wrote: The action scenes are thrilling and Angelina Jolie was perfect in the role, I actually can't see anyone doing as good as a job as she did. The plot is boring and I really couldn't care less about what they are doing, I honestly can't recall what was going on. Which meant the action scenes had no emotional attachment and didn't care. They were thrillingly cool to look at thats it.

Knox M (mx) wrote: While certainly a deviation for Linklater, it's extremely quick-witted and painless.

Alailson B (kr) wrote: Horrvel roteiro, maquiagem muito ruim. Diverte nas gags visuais envolvendo o personagem de Daniel Radcliffe e as relaes com o demnio.