A retired police detective dedicates his life to preventing deaths at Japan’s suicide cliffs, providing emergency assistance and counseling even as tourists flock to the site, attracted by its notoriety as a popular suicide destination.

Yukio Shige| a retired police detective| has dedicated his life to preventing deaths at Japan's famed suicide cliffs| providing not just immediate assistance but
counseling and shelter with his impossibly small team. Meanwhile the cliffs are becoming a tourist attraction specifically for their notoriety as a popular suicide
destination. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rod L (jp) wrote: This film takes all the people you've ever met that you hated and puts them together to collectively insult your intelligence while physically assaulting your senses. It should be shown to inmates of maximum security prisons on a permanent loop as punishment.

The Critic (gb) wrote: A fascinating look into cinema's notorious genre, 'American Grindhouse' is a must-see for movie and pop culture lovers. From obscure titles to more mainstream releases, filmmakers and historians discuss this (for better or worse) essential contribution to the art of filmmaking.

Hergn M (es) wrote: Hintli Muslumanlari Terorist olarak resmeden bu filmi yapanlar hic mi `My Name Is Khan` filminden ornek almamislar, ne diyordu Khan: `Mr. President: My Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist` just think about it. My Rating: 6/10

Ethel J (ru) wrote: Not as good as other recent Disney movies I have seen lately.

Tracey M (es) wrote: Mixed feelings about this movie, fairly good plot. However, even though it was the same direct of the other Anne of Green Gables movies he took this movie in a completely different direction and changed some of the original stories of L.M. Montgomery's books.

RajanSatish P (ru) wrote: The movie's a little too stale and familiar to generate much excitement or enthusiasm.

Danifesto G (au) wrote: A smart, well-done film that educates about the Harlem Renaissance and the black queer scene. I would have liked to have seen more of an insight into black/white relationships. Made me want to learn more.

RA L (es) wrote: LETTERBOX. Resulta cautivadora contra sus propios pronsticos, que auguran un viaje trillado y, en su lugar, ofrecen una odisea poblada de personajes complejos y una genuina fascinacin por las ideas que propone. / Ends up being captivating against the odds it itself sets, which anticipate a trite journey and, instead, offer an odyssey peopled with complex characters and a genuine fascination with the ideas it lays on.

Tucker S (de) wrote: Hey it could've been worse, they could've replaced Belushi with Pauly shore or something

Carl M (ru) wrote: Two clergymen unwittingly revive the Prince of Darkness during a cleansing ritual that was meant to exorcise his evil presence from the local township. Instead, one of the priests is placed under Dracula's hypnotic spell, and the two speed off to Kleinenberg, where the Count stages his revenge against the Monsignor by seducing his young niece. Freddie Francis directs the fourth installment in Hammer's Dracula series with a distinct visual flair that makes for many memorable moments in DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE. His most impressive shots are taken from the incredible rooftop sets that overlook the Kleinenberg skyline, where Dracula will eventually beset his victims in one of several climactic confrontations. Christopher Lee is as ruthless and menacing as ever, spouting his lines with signs of pure hatred while showing a smug sense of satisfaction as he closes in on his revenge. The scene in which he attacks the barmaid, Zena, is particularly frightening, but better still is the picturesque image of Lee perched upon the rooftop with his cape flowing gently in the breeze. A beautiful yet terrifying moment, to be sure. Ewan Hooper stands out above the rest of the crowd as the unfortunate priest who falls under Dracula's evil spell, but Barry Andrews and Veronica Carlson are also very good as the young lovers, Paul and Maria. James Bernard succeeds with another wonderful score, as well. DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE is a notable improvement over the second sequel, and a fine film overall. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Josas G (it) wrote: Hard to wach Recuerdo que la escena de la piedra me traumo senti que habia presenciado un asesinato en carne propia

Stan D (gb) wrote: Clark Gable is the nightclub owner, Jeanette McDonald is his singer, and Spencer Tracy is a priest who is Gable's lifelong friend. Great singing from Jeanette, who was a real life opera singer. Towards the end of the movie they are hit by the great earthquake of 1906.

Troy K (br) wrote: Horrible with a few laughs.

Clark H (es) wrote: Very funny. My silly humour!

Alec B (au) wrote: The first half is solid. I like how Hyams tells most of what occurs from the perspective of the conspirators. Hal Holbrook is given some pretty fantastic speeches, and generally they are the kind of stuff we usually hear towards the end of most films of this genre. I was hoping that this was a sign that Hyams was interested in the complex moral situation regarding media manipulation that he presents in the beginning and was trying to get past the obligatory conspiracy setup in favor of more interesting themes. Unfortunately, it turns into a sub-standard chase movie for the final hour that's not even remotely engaging.

jesse p (au) wrote: So in the wake of the road warrior gene starting with Mad max 2 (the road warrior) the Italians were the first to start copying it and the first movie they brought out was 2019 after the fall of New York. 2019 was always the one with the biggest budget out of all the Italian post apocalyptic films I would have to say from sources around 7-8 million dollars. 2019 made around about 18 million worldwide. Then Joe D?Amato?s ENDGAME were a future after WW3 has left society ruined. New York city is a hellhole were people struggle to survive people usually tune into a show called Endgame were people fight to the death over a little bit of money. In the year 2025, a horrible nuclear holocaust during World War III has left New York City, among others, irradiated and decrepit, but not abandoned. The city, now a poverty-stricken hellhole, is inhabited by brutish packs of scavengers and telepathically-linked mutants, who are violently persecuted by a prejudiced lite. Keeping the people at bay is a reality television program called ENDGAME, where hunters and gladiators fight to the death. The film tells the story of Endgame veteran Ron Shannon, as he assembles a team to take a group of mutants, led by Lilith, to escape to safety through the desert, avoiding such dangers as blind yet deadly monks, nomadic predators, machine gun-sporting government agents from New York, and Shannon's former-friend-turned-nemesis Karnak. Well of course in an Italian post-apocalyptic film your going to see Modified cars, fierce fights to the death, Raiders, Mutants, and George Eastman. Now the story is okay but it has everything you would like to see in a film like this. Well the acting is okay but there was a lot of dubbing involved for the Italian actors still okay. I always like Al cliver I thought he did well in this. Well designs for the sets and what not are kind of a let down normally you are suppose to see a wasteland but I think Joe D?Amato tried to make it look like a western as well has a Post-apocalyptic film. The special effects are good lots of explosions and random acts of murder to keep you entertained. Here are some facts I found (Well not Meany) Out of all the film Joe D? Amato made he like this one the most. (He made more then 150 films) Shot on a budget of only 1 million. But overall I can say my final verdict is recommended but if you have to see any Italian Post-apocalyptic film see 2019 after the fall of New York that?s always been my favorite.