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After Noboru saves Hayase from drowning by giving him mouth-to-mouth, Hayase grows confused about his feelings. It doesn't help that around the same time he meets Noboru's twin brother Ryu who has a very different, outgoing personality.

It doesn't help that around the same time he meets Noboru's twin brother Ryu who has a very different, outgoing personality. After Noboru saves Hayase from drowning by giving him mouth-to-mouth, Hayase grows confused about his feelings

Gay Lovers is a movies torrent of Kei Horie (screenplay), Yusei Naruse (screenplay). This movie was introduced in 2007. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Takumi Saitô, Ryûnosuke Kawai, Yutsuki Kato, Makoto Sakamoto, Goki, Yu Tokui, Kanji Tsuda. The kind of movie are Romance. This movie was rated by 6.1 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Allyse R (ca)

Pretty bad filming/animation/acting

Ana V (ru)

Funny! Funny! Funny! Portuguese cinema at it's best!

Andrew L (gb)

If you can bear sitting still for three hours then this film is definitely worth watching for the elements that work, but ultimately it fails to match up to 'Lord Of The Rings'. Despite making Kong's behaviour believable to a novice viewer, Jackson as ever drags the ending out a bit too long atop the Empire State, subjecting us to a number of close-up shots of the CGI gorilla looking dramatic (as if aiming for an Oscar nod for best actor). Acting-wise it's surprisingly only Jack Black who stands out for his performance as the foolhardy filmmaker. Despite brilliant production design & set pieces, the CGI (despite the technological advances) doesn't have the same "it looks like it's really there" wow factor that 'Jurassic Park' had 12 years prior. It's an hour too long & has a number of quite ridiculous scenes that go too far with the suggested 'love' between Kong & Watts' Ann Darrow. Jackson's life-long love of Kong seriously hindered the plot of what could have been a good movie

Anna N (au)

Classified as a classic = Interested

Choen L (de)

And oh everyone speaks English. I am not sure if the glaring plotholes are result of bad editing or just bad script writing, but it does make for one entertaining romp after relatively slow burning 25 minute opening introduction

Chris W (gb)

Despite its faults, I still liked it, and think you should check it out. For a directorial debut, it's rather ambitious. The film is fairly by the numbers, but it does a good job at detailing the life and times of this lauded/troubled man. I also enjoyed how they tried to bring about authenticity by actually filming on the real Pollock/Krasner estate. The scenes where he's painting are well done ,and quite evocative, and I dug the music too. That's okay though, because it is somewhat enjoyable to see him freak out, get drunk, and be a tormented genius. Don't get me wrong, Pollock was a very fascinating individual, but the film really doesn't try to deeply probe into his mind, instead just barely getting under the surface a lot of the time. The film is pretty good, but, like a lot of biopics, suffers from the fact that the subject isn't quite as fascinating as the work they make. There's also Amy Madigan as Peggy Guggenheim, Val Kilmer as artist and friend Willem de Kooning, and a late in the game appearance by Jennifer Connelly as Pollock's mistress Ruth Kligman. She pretty much walks away with the film. He's backed by a solid supporting cast including Marcia Gay Harden in an Oscar winning turn as Pollock's wife and fellow artist Lee Krasner. Harris is really good and quite compelling in the title role, and there's a sense of legitimacy to the scenes where he is seen painting, especially since Harris learned to paint. and ladies to a lesser extent. . . What we get is a semi-standard biopic about renowned American abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock who revolutionized the art world in the 1940s, but was undone by his crippling mood swings, temperament, and penchant for booze. This was a real labor of love for Ed Harris, who made his directorial debut and takes the lead as the title character

Damon S (br)

Still much room for improvement, but overall an OK JLA flick. The flick is definately catering to an adult audience with some outright murder, violence and romantic situations with Aquaman. The audience are left argueing "Why doesn't Superman just obliterate all the threats?" Batman's role is solid and springboards Green lantern's role. The "threat" of the mutant hordes is a bit crazy at parts and fantastical. Kudo's to the Cyborg storyline; that was woven fantastically well into the story and proved to give the character and his role some depth. Wonder Woman is shown as she is; an egotistical fantastic "God-Complex" heroine, which goes Well with Aquaman as an Empirical egotistical conquering "King" role. Supe's and Aquaman are disproportionally portrayed. A good revived JLA origins movie done primarily with an anime' studio

David N (fr)

. . but i still rate this movie in my top 10 and i watch and go to a lot of movies. . . the story line was great the whole movie in fact was great you got hints of how the ending was going to be during the movie and i`m a fan of happy endings but it was not to be

Ibrahim M (br)

If a fan of the genre, one will enjoy. ). c. The movie brings to mind films like King Arthur or The Eagle, yet surpasses it easily, falling right underneath excellent tales like Gladiator, Braveheart, or Kingdom of Heaven (d. The plot is thin, but intriguing. The rest of the cast performs admirably enough. Michael Fassbender performs very well as a roman hero. Its full of violence, blood, and history. "This is neither the beginning nor end of my story" Centurion answers the question of what happened to the ninth legion

Jeremy B (es)

t's another answer to Gene Siskel's famous question: "Is this movie more interesting than a documentary of these same actors having lunch?". But the whole thing flounders about the whole time. With a cast as stacked as this one (Hugh Grant! Marisa Tomei! JK Simmons! Allison Janney!), this is the kind of movie that could have - no, SHOULD have - been way, way better than it is. "The Rewrite" feels like it was begging for one