Gedanken am Laufsteg

Gedanken am Laufsteg


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Gedanken am Laufsteg 1961 full movies, Gedanken am Laufsteg torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:East Germany
  • Director:Rolf Schnabel
  • Writer:Rolf Schnabel

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Gedanken am Laufsteg torrent reviews

David M (ru) wrote: I loved this movie, mel is in top form. The action was awesome and the story was good. Little or no advertising when it was in the theater glad I found it on DVD.

Matt A (nl) wrote: 1981 saw a resurgence in the werewolf genre. Besides Johnathan Landis' classic black comedy/horro flick An American Werewolf In London, the other notable entry was Joe Dante's The Howling. Both films were lauded for their cutting edge special effects, particularly the spectacular on-screen transformations, but Dante's film - much like his next picture, Gremlins - is a bit more satirical. Though it has many of the staples of horror such as gore and nudity, there are numerous references to genre classics tucked away on-screen and in the screenplay. In spite of this, it plays fast and loose with traditional werewolf mythology, allowing the beasts to change at will, which means no one is safe even in the daytime. It's an effective maneuver, but it's undermined by the film's incredibly slow start. By the time the best parts of the film occur, some viewers may find themselves too bored to care. Those who stick with it will be rewarded, however. The Howling's second half is much better than its first, and though the effects may be dated (and its werewolves a bit silly-looking), it still manages some good, solid scares during its excellent climax.

Juli N (au) wrote: Fruit Chan serves up a culinary delicacy that can only be truly appreciated by those who revere the sick and twisted subgenre of horror!

Michael T (ca) wrote: AMERICAN PSYCHO rip-off takes a good idea and goes nowhere with it.

Ryan K (gb) wrote: In a very early role, Gosling manages to mark himself on the map with a terrifying performance as a Neo-Nazi.

James P (au) wrote: Although it does border on sentimental as it moves toward it's conclusion, this cast still manages to bring it home for me. Albert Brooks and Leelee Sobieski are just great here.

Jeremy R (gb) wrote: Ethan Embry does an amazing job, even though this movie is kinda cheesy.

Adam B (ca) wrote: I'm a Michael Caine fan and I was bored to tears, god knows what others must think! Slow and dull, Caine would make much worse later in his career (The Swarm etc), but none are this zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

C R (ru) wrote: didn't like this one as muct as the first, but was still worth watching none the less

Nic M (ca) wrote: This movie was spectacular! Very funny and awesome!!! Would recommend to everyone!!!!

Andres R (ru) wrote: I think I'm a slasher fan and this fills my expectations. I love the setting with the mountains and the waterfall. Careful, villain is ugly and kind of psychotic.

Bob V (gb) wrote: A movie spawned by the psycho-biddy genre that became oddly popular in the sixties (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, the latter also starring De Havilland, are today the best known of these movies, but there were many more, often starring the same legendary actresses in the twilight of their careers).To me, it's a bit of a near-hit. It's not in any way particularly bad, but it always seems to miss its target by a hair's breadth. James Caan, in his first credited part, is almost dastardly enough, An Sothern is almost pitiful enough, De Havilland is almost righteous enough, the terror is almost terrifying enough, the plots is almost absurd enough. But where Baby Jane was a baroque over the top nightmare with a villainess both pathetic and completely creepy, "Lady in a Cage" alas stops right in front of baroque, and pulls out all stops except one. Add to that the moralistic social commentary De Havilland wheezes out every once in a while, and the movie comes across silly at times, instead of scary. It would have been better if it had gone for completely outrageous, which works much better for this genre anyway, and tends to be scarier.That said, not boring, and De Havilland manages well enough with what was given to her.

Frances H (us) wrote: Good Ford western, with his typical lively word play between characters. Woody Strode is so good as the title character in this one.

Matthew J (ru) wrote: If there wasn't for Malcolm McDowell's terrific portrayal of Satan this film would be the worst ever made. If I didn't know any better I'd say it was intentionally so. The actors are the worst you can find these days (particularly Bart Bronsen), the script is absolutely awful with hammy lines of dialogue and the directing is at the level of Tommy Wiseau. Still McDowell is worth seeing (despite it not being one of his greatest portrayals) he is the Devil.

Gregory W (us) wrote: not bad definately cult-worthy