Gendai kôshoku-den: Teroru no kisetsu

Gendai kôshoku-den: Teroru no kisetsu


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sex,  

From an apartment belonging to a single woman looking two detectives on the extreme left. The object is a sex addiction spirit slacker, and reconnaissance gives initially fruitless. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gendai kôshoku-den: Teroru no kisetsu torrent reviews

Susanna M (jp) wrote: LAME!!!! Mike was a total immature ass!! Loved the ending, though... ~?

Antony M (it) wrote: While its subject matter is of great importance to our generation, its several interviews are often fascinating and its revelations and observations on the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry are often startling, the film seems to wallow in it's own sense of pseudo-philosiphy and student project-esque hyperbole to the extent where it really lacks the flair and immediacy needed to captivate it's audience and tell viewers of the geniune and alarming issues that the film deals with. The overall production value is incredibly low and makes parts of the film almost unwatchable due to the sheer amatuerness of the editing and post production. Its a shame because the film is genuinely informative and the interviews are well conducted and interesting, but in the end, the whole thing seems to drag on in a disjointed and often confusing mess.

Isaac K (es) wrote: An extremely below average raunchy teen sex comedy.

Dennis L (jp) wrote: Great manga adaptation. The stories can be out of this world but the story is refined almost to perfection. Great battle of wits between Light and L!

Bill B (us) wrote: I enjoyed the stylish look of this film, but honestly didn't get a whole lot out of the plot itself.Worth a casual look for the visuals, but nothing I will come back to.Cable viewing? Boring afternoon? Sure, why not.

Paul Z (de) wrote: This voyeuristically expressionistic film is set in an unknown future in which Ryuhei Matsuda plays a soft, sad gay bartender imprisoned for his strange and brutal killing of a customer who attacked him, and Masanobu Ando is a Yakuza thug packed to the top with pent-up anger and violence that makes him tight as a drum till he sporadically bursts. The two arrive in a juvenile detention center on the same day and, with nothing in common, they become tangled by yearning, shared visualizations of flight to an imagined world, and a murder of another boy inside the stockade that results in one dead and the other pleading guilty to the carnage. It's a murder mystery of young incarcerated men in lust, seen through surreal composition on sets of darkness and illumination and the simplest trace of detail.Two detectives try to expose the indictment. "Why did this trigger it?" One of them questions as to why the inmate would lead this course of self-ruin and devastation, seeing a rainbow. "Only he himself knows." In the humankind that judges people under the duplicitous laws prearranged as a result of a perversely archaic edition of religious principles, Miike bares violence in its most honest form, as an instinctive undertaking. It cannot be made clear further than the surface of palpable means of interaction. It's too mysterious and puzzling for anyone beyond of the person perpetrating the action to entirely grasp. Sexual friction and short-tempered violence propel the story to its mind-blowing outcome.Takashi Miike puts his heart and soul into his fascinating visual actualization of the morally ambiguous story, which is heavily reminiscent of Jean Genet novels like Our Lady of the Flowers. It is avant-garde theater translated onto film, voice-over and screened words as the literal point of view of the investigators. The film is punctuated by wonderful, infectious closing music, and you realize you have just experienced film-making in a unique manner, a conspicuous trance consisting of definite colors alive in the bounds of a vast universe of an unlit void. Thick with striking images like pyramids, a classic sci-fi rocket ship, and an opening dance sequence coming unexpectedly. That's just the tip of the iceberg to all of the creative dexterity Miike affords the viewer.One may come from this film thinking that it wasn't about the story. That's an understandable way to put it, put it is not quite correct. Really, in order to be a narrative at all, it can only be about the story, but Miike does not betray the sheer weight of the story's content and ideas. Can there have been a simpler depiction of it? The film, essentially, is about existence. It is a concept spanning 4.6 billion years! Miike, who normally makes cynical if not outright self-deprecating microcosmic yakuza and horror movies, has aggregating all of those impressions into a claustrophobic, life-refracting prism of all the world's details and creates a blemish on the face of the world of cinema that audaciously, patiently, calculatedly tackles humankind and the self-worth behind which it hides, self-worth largely created by the belief in God, which this film could be read as implicating doesn't exist. The movie's likely metaphors for evolution and faith have very telling differences in outcome, as the movie's symbolic image of evolution augments and that of religious conviction remains the way it has since the beginning. The movie is only an agent for the viewer to perceive on their terms, however confined to the film's implications. Miike is correct: This is his masterpiece.

Lucia A (us) wrote: esta pelicula es espectacular, super original y con la belleza de las cosas simples. Tiene una fotografia y una direccion de arte historia es conmovedora e inspiradora...VEANLA!

Rachel N (kr) wrote: Heartwarming and touching, I loved it.

Joetaeb D (jp) wrote: To spaaaaace! Says the execs. Jason now proves himself to be an immortal being. Something between human and deity. That's the best explanation I can give to the film's contrivances.


Andy R (nl) wrote: My guilty pleasure. ??

bloody w (kr) wrote: ray Allen having anal sex with 2 white girls while in a relationship with a hot black girl and denzel whasington lasting 5 seconds while banging a hooker in the ass what kind of movie is this spike

Travon D (ru) wrote: the best b ball movie ever!

Frances H (ca) wrote: Really funny! Great cast all give hilarious performances. The plot and script are really well done.

Nathan A (gb) wrote: Surely this is the work of some magician!

Steve S (mx) wrote: Went on too long, young children will either love this film or may be scared by the 'evil' robots.

Nayeli Lieth R (us) wrote: it is a good movie about two sisters. They can't pass the border cause there wings can brake.