General Chaos: Uncensored Animation

General Chaos: Uncensored Animation

A compilation of 20 outrageous and hilarious short animated films aimed at the adult audience.

A compilation of 20 outrageous and hilarious short animated films aimed at the adult audience. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


General Chaos: Uncensored Animation torrent reviews

Wesley M (gb) wrote: Well I have to start off in saying this one was the weakest of the 3. The action was still there in spades which is awesome. But it seemed kinda watered down at some points I think, so they could secure that PG-13 rating. The effects were a little shaky most of the time. And watching Randy Couture trying to act is probably worse then taking a punch in the face. Other then that. It was awesome seeing Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson come on board for the flick. Gibson played a great villain. Banderas was also hilarious with his non stop banter. Also seeing Wesley Snipes back in action was pretty rad. Here's hoping Couture bites the bullet in the next one!

Giancarlo G (nl) wrote: Bah. Mi aspettavo qualcosa di pi originale e con personaggi un po' meno stereotipati. Si salva dall'essere un completo sfacelo solo per i discreti spaventi.

tanja n (fr) wrote: I get so sad and angry while watching this movie. But a very good movie!

E F (jp) wrote: Great & dark & different

Michael W (jp) wrote: Twenty years later, the son of Cornelius and Zira organizes the ape uprising on their human masters, who have taken apes into slave-like conditions after cats and dogs are wiped out as pets. Only recommended to dedicated series fans.

Ivelina G (nl) wrote: Charming but weakly told story. And love's not worth the sacrifice, if you ask me.

Brian K (it) wrote: very powerful film with very good performances given by ethel waters and ethel barrymore. jeanne crain also gives a good performance but i would have gone with someone else. gene tiereny maybe. but i think lena horne should've played pinky

Mike V (ag) wrote: Fast paced and with some very funny moments. But it didn't carry me along for the ride. 1001