General Education

General Education

Levi Collins is set to go to the local University on a tennis scholarship, but he forgot to tell his parents one thing - he didn't graduate. As a result, he must take summer school before his mom and dad discover he's failed senior science. At school, Levi falls in love with his classmate, Katie, and learns that he has to make a choice between playing tennis and receiving a proper education. General Education is a quirky comedy about a family learning to grow together.

Levi Collins receives a tennis scholarship to go to the local university, which makes his parents very proud. However, he forgot to tell them that he didn't graduate. Now he has to take summer school before his mom and dad discover what happen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan B (es) wrote: Again I'm left with the question: How does a movie like this get made? The script was laughable, with not one iota of credibility. The characters were not believable; I feel sorry for the actors...

Vincent P (kr) wrote: What an unfortunate ending, especially after I found myself rooting for the by-now almost stereotypical monster/maiden couple. [CAUTION: here be spoilers] The heroic shapeshifter literally walks off into the sunset, leaving his love behind (but only after he takes his shirt off for no apparent reason). [END o' spoilers]Wolf Moon is a (surprisingly) halfway decent and competent cheapie though. Maybe a little too long, but then, its got Sid Haig wielding six-shooters that magically fire many more bullets then they ought to hold... and that's gotta count for something, right?

Chris K (gb) wrote: this is a true gem of genuine personal independent filmmaking. it's a soulful subjective portrait of a lonely korean girl living in toronto with her single mom & pining away for her best friend. the subtle, sensitive usage of handheld dv cinematography combined with an evocative natural soundscape capture the intense feelings of alienation, boredom, sadness, and fleeting joy. it's a small, modest effort -but worth seeking out.

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Unhero Eddie (it) wrote: Josh Kornbluth is my hero in this movie. Earth could use many more of him...but I suppose that would defeat the purpose.

Jr M (ca) wrote: Nic Cage is outstanding as he portrays Ben's inevitable descent into the alcoholic abyss. Poignant without being mawkish, this film is an accomplished depiction of the battle against one's own demons.

Will D (mx) wrote: And yet somehow the greatest film ever.

Luciano G (nl) wrote: Don't expect it to be anything like the original...more of a remake then a it if you have the time. ...

Leona D (gb) wrote: Bambi with horses and way better music

Georgia G (gb) wrote: The acting is lame.The story is predictable.Only "surprise" is maybe the detective;s wife background. Very few scenes were okay due to the effects.I honestly had to hold myself a couple of times from not fast forwarding.