1979 documentary film produced by David Vassar. The film is a character study centered on a rag tag group of young artists, mechanics and environmental activists who successfully built the largest electrical generating windmill in the world.

Jim Bolton, a well-off businessman from Chicago hears that his daughter Doris is pregnant in New York. Since he did not even know she was seeing anyone he fears the worst. Unbeknownst to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David K (gb) wrote: They don't make them like this any more.A great experience if like me you are bored with PG-13 jump scare bloodless movies and remember such wonders as Peter Jackson's early works Bad Taste and Braindead in the late 80s and early 90s.This film is in a similar vein with a very simple plot allowing for a full on splatterfest with Dolph Lundgren's character wisecracking his way through the bloodbath.It's awesome to see Lundgren leading a film again and he's a great fit for this kind of B-movie. Other actors would be unable to play it straight without winking at the audience but he keeps in character allowing Kristina Klebe to shine as the straight man.But you don't watch a film like this for the plot. The dark humour and surprisingly competent special effects were enough for me. It's no cinematic masterpiece but I haven't enjoyed a horror movie as much as this in years. Sequel when?

Michael S (br) wrote: Laugh out loud funny. Callen, Rapport and Stamos were awesome. Won't ruin it for you but there are so many hysterical scenes. 10/10

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: Killer Joe is not a bad movie but it's just not good. I wouldn't watch it again.

Danny R (ag) wrote: One of the most original, poignant and creative motion pictures in recent memory which is brilliantly directed by Michel Hazanavicius. It is a love letter to a bygone era, this silent, black & white masterpiece concerns George Valentin, played by French actor Jean Dujardin who's layered performance is nothing short of phenomenal, he has already won the Palma d'Or and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor and has just received an Academy Award nomination for his terrific turn; a narcissistic matinee idol and established movie star, who is every inch a silent-movie icon with his pencil-thin mustache, slick back hair and killer smile. Ignoring the warnings from Al Zimmer, wonderfully played by John Goodman a powerful studio producer who tells him that talkies will becoming the next big thing, but George does not listen and refuses to change up his act, his career falls into oblivion and he collapses into poverty and alcoholism, while a young bit-actress named Peppy Miller, superbly played by Berenice Bejo in an Oscar nominated performance her career takes off into full-fledge stardom. All the actors in this film are exceptional in their performances, in which they use body language and facial expressions to relay their meanings, and this speak volumes and greatly aids in telling the story. Superlative supporting performances from James Cromwell, Penelope Ann Miller, Mssi Pyle, Ed Lauter and Malcom McDowell. Special kudos must go to the scene-stealing Jack Russell Terrier who plays George's faithful dog who's every appearance on the screen will make you smile. The films majestic imagery is truly breathtaking thanks to Guillaume Schiffman's mesmerizing black & white cinematography; for anyone who is reluctant to see this gem of a motion picture because it is a silent movie, i say to them, do yourself a big favor and watch it, because you will be delightfully, surprised and throughly entertained from beginning to end. Funny, charming and heartbreaking a total cinematic triumph. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius. Highly Recommended.

Steve S (mx) wrote: Eye of the Dolphin is the story of Alyssa (played by Carly Schroeder), a trouble fourteen year old girl who has lost her mother and is trying her best to cope. At wits end, Alyssa's grandmother takes her to the Bahama's, to meet her father for the first time. It is here that the story takes off.For a family film, the first fifteen minutes are a little rough for younger children. Alyssa smokes pot, hands her grandmother a condom, and expresses her teen angst. Though none of these scenes made us want to turn the film off, they caught us a bit off guard. But with that said, Alyssa's problems are not just pointless scenes. They set the table for the rest of this beautiful and touching film.The story is ultimately feel good. The cast of characters are very lovable, and you feel an instant connection with all of the actors in this film. The casting is superb. And by the end of the film, you delight in Alyssa's triumph, and feel glad that you - and your family - just invested the time to watch this movie.Uplifting and entertaining. A must see family flick.

Paul N (ag) wrote: Solid and worthwhile western (aren't most of 'em)

Henry N (ca) wrote: A sizzling soft porn with gorgeous people and scenery

Gergely K (mx) wrote: Gogol trt (C)nete nyomn ltvnyos (C)s hangulatos fantasy-horrort hoztak ssze az oroszok, gynyr alfest' zen (C)vel megsp (C)kelve. Jv're jn a remake...

neil L (jp) wrote: Reefer Madness is a bit overrated but its an interesting enough film

Dm S (jp) wrote: It's a winner. Even 17 years later, this movie is still funny and worth watching. The CGI's slightly dated look is just right for the nature of this satire. The comic timing of every actor is close to perfect.

Jim A (es) wrote: Started out bad (not the good bad) and only got worse. Lamest spoof movie I've ever watched.

J B (mx) wrote: Understated and quietly charming.