Generation P

Generation P

A chronicle of Russia's transition from communism to capitalism.

A chronicle of the rise of the advertising industry in Post-Soviet Russia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Generation P torrent reviews

Bryon v (ca) wrote: Good moral. Okay movie. No song and dance, and very little comedy though.

Julian J (us) wrote: Horrible. I can't believe someone paid money to make this movie! If you like Abhishek stay away from this movie!

Kenneth L (it) wrote: hilary duff is awsome in this movie

Weston M (au) wrote: Lucas Black gives a surprisingly good performance. Despite a mediocre plot, the story is short and sweet enough for movie fans to enjoy

Timothy P (jp) wrote: About as good as you can get with the "annoying narrator, blatant parody" genre.

Colin B (de) wrote: Bad cult classic gory soft-core horror flick. Owned on DVD.

Eliabeth C (es) wrote: moody film noir. zhang is beautiful but inscrutable

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Tanya P (ca) wrote: Fun. But forgettable. Book is better, but a good swing at it was made.

Juha R (kr) wrote: A solid film in every way and good performances all around. It holds the viewer's attention during its length of 90 minutees but it's also a film easy to forget once it's over.

Navyrae Z (ag) wrote: In William Wyler's film Roman Holiday (1953) we find ourselves captivated by a charming romantic drama that everyone should see; filmed in the romantic streets of Rome we experience the true Roman experience as we follow the dazzling story of Princess Ann (Aubrey Hepburn) and how she finds herself escaping her society's expectations and falls head first into love .This award winning film, nominated for 14 Oscars and winning 3 (Best actress in a leading role-Aubrey Hepburn, best writing, motion picture story and best costume design, black-and-white) is not only a classic because of awards but it's a memorable classic is the way it challenges the common conventions of romantic drama. With love stories, heart wrenching choices, and emotional growth portrayed in quality acting, we find the formula to a perfect romantic drama film that is unforgettable.

Dann M (mx) wrote: Unfocused and lazy, About Cherry is a poorly made film that's kind of pretentious. There's not much of a plot: a teen runaway heads to San Francisco and gets involved in the pornography industry. However, as provocative as the material is the film doesn't seem to know what it wants to say about it. The cast features Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, and Heather Graham, but the material limits them. Bland and superficial, About Cherry is uninspired and pointless.

James S (es) wrote: The best gangster film I have seen. Violent, beautifully shot and incredibly moving. I think this has to be the longest feature length film I have seen at 3 hours and 49 minutes long.

Alexandre R (nl) wrote: Robert Wise est probablement l'un des ralisateurs amricains que l'on connat le plus pour les mauvaises raisons. Au travers de ses quarante et quelques films, dont la bonne moiti sont peu prs insignifiants, il a russi pondre des classiques dans peu prs tous les genres, de la comdie musicale la science-fiction, en passant par le film noir et l'horreur de srie B. On se souviendra de lui surtout pour "West Side Story", "The Sound of Music", "The Day the Earth Stood Still" et "Star Trek", ce qui est assez dcevant quand on considre qu'il a ralis de petits bijoux de cinma, comme justement "The Set-Up". peu prs personne n'a entendu parl de ce film-l, et c'est pourtant un prcurseur avou de "Raging Bull", ainsi que l'une des meilleures performances en carrire de Robert Ryan, un autre acteur gnial et injustement oubli.On pourrait arguer qu'au fond, tout le monde se fout un peu de mes films "obscurs" des annes 40, mais ce serait vous les pires, parce que quiconque s'intresse srieusement au cinma doit voir "The Set-Up". C'est tout simplement un tour de force de composition et de ralisation. Les scnes de boxe sont sublimes, la photographie est pas mal dans ce qu'on trouve de meilleur dans le genre "rues peu accueillantes pleines de clair-obscur", et le jeu, bah c'est du grand aussi.Un film de 72 minutes, en dure relle, avec autant d'intensit et de profondeur, a se fait plus vraiment de nos jours. C'est plus qu'un film de boxe, c'est carrment le rcit d'un homme acharn qui refuse de s'teindre comme une vieille bougie. Et a a quelque chose de foncirement raliste qui ne peut pas faire autrement que de toucher. Aucune fioriture, aucun code hollywoodien cheesy, juste du vrai bon cinma.

Tim S (gb) wrote: I thought this movie was really effective. I love it.

A5J4D X (us) wrote: 5/10 - Story was predictable but then again it is for the young but nonetheless I expected more from Pixar. First major dislike of a Pixar movie personally speaking. However, animation wise, it was stunning, amazing to think how far animation has come. Also reminded me of The Lion King and it was similar to the Ice Age and it failed to replicate the magic they had.

Jake A (kr) wrote: Easily the best thing about this film is Maggie Smith, her performance is stellar. The rest of the cast is also solid, it has plenty of laughs, the script itself is for the most part engrossing and even though it does slow down a few times in terms of the narrative you stay on in there just to observe more from the fabulous Maggie Smith.

F B (nl) wrote: Average film but not quite the grand conclusion and twists I was hoping for. It actually lacked imagination and fell a little flat towards the end.