Generic Thriller

Generic Thriller

The writer can do anything he wants, right? Or maybe Steven, a handsome young theater history professor discovers when he sets out to write a stage thriller - a plain, old generic thriller - only to discover that his characters prefer a character study - and want it to be a movie, not a play. At least Steven can create the man of his dreams, right? But that character - Vertigo - named after Steven's sixth grade teacher Mr. Vertigo (Steven always dates men named Vertigo) - isn't really cooperating. Will Steven ever finish his play? Will Vertigo behave (or rather, misbehave) as Steven wishes? And what about the friends on whom Steven is basing his other characters - will they still be his friends when it's all over?

The writer can do anything he wants, right? Or maybe Steven, a handsome young theater history professor discovers when he sets out to write a stage thriller - a plain, old generic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire M (jp) wrote: This movie was very sweet and i loved the relationship in it. It had some sad aspects but it was great. Zac is bae

Brody M (mx) wrote: Finally a movie that Cuba Gooding Jr. was in that I actually enjoyed.I liked the storyline but since Cuba was in it I expected to hate it from the start.I was REALLY suprised that I enjoyed it from beginning to end

Colson V (au) wrote: Vannesa Anne Hudgens has her clothes on. Why bother?

Satyashiva D (it) wrote: watch it out jus superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Jonathan H (kr) wrote: Only Japan could make a movie like this about Germany.

Ben B (de) wrote: Interesting movie, nice concept, but a little disappointing at the end, because what happens then is not explained. However, Bruce Campbell's appearance made a huge difference. He was a great character.

Yuri B (br) wrote: This movie was every bit as hilarious as the first one.

Emma Y (kr) wrote: love love love this movie

Robin D (us) wrote: Time has not been kind to this one. Having a baby is no longer a woman's greatest feat.

Prashant M (mx) wrote: Story is same as we have seen in Wake up Sid or Lakshya . Only thing you can enjoy is visual of Corsica and acting of Ranbeer. Being Indian it doesn't suit on us to say but you can't satisfy with happy ending all the time .

Jamie B (ag) wrote: One of the chick-flickiest chick flicks I've ever seen, down to every last piece of the predictable formula.

Keegan K (jp) wrote: It is definitely not the best James Bond film however, there is enough here in this movie to keep you entertained the entire time. You've got all the classic characters that you know and love, and plenty of the witty banter back-and-forth, but it doesn't necessarily have the best acting and most definitely has a horrible opening James Bond song for the credits. However, it's got tons of explosions, high-speed chases, sexy girls, and plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat. I had not seen it in years and it was worth my second watch.

Scott N (us) wrote: Best Bigfoot movie I've seen yet. It is fun and it does entertain with a good story. That being said, like pretty much every horror movie, the characters act completely irrational at times. For some reason they do things that make bad situations worse. I will never understand why writers do that. I have a shotgun with a handful of shells. Hmmm..... Let's fire all of them into the air so I have nothing left to defend myself with....SERIOUSLY?????????....REALLY??????

Blue F (ru) wrote: Liked it! Very gorgeous animation, with attention and research into animating the birds! Made the story more believable.

Shaylea Y (es) wrote: awesome movie. I watch every week