This is a simple, straightforward tale about the rise and fall of human civilization that focuses solely on four characters: a farmer (Naseeruddin Shah), a weaver (Om Puri), a trader (M.K. Raina), and a woman (Shabana Azmi). At the beginning of the story, the workers in a decaying village are offered food and water if they work for the local lords. The farmer and the weaver refuse. The farmer grows food for them both, and the weaver creates textiles that uses to barter with an itinerant trader. One day a frightened, lonely woman arrives on the scene and she is taken in by the two men. She cooks and cleans, and before long becomes a source of contention. Meanwhile, the trader is observing these events from the sidelines.

A parable of man's exploitation of his fellow man. A weaver and a farmer live peacefully on the edge of a desert until, one day, a woman wanders into their world, and her presence slowly disrupts their routine existence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jill B (it) wrote: This movie was really spectacular. This woman's extraordinary life is only superseded by her art work.

Alberto C (ru) wrote: Tension pura en todo momento. No puedo esperar mas de una pelicula de misterio y suspenso. La veria otra vez completa, con eso digo todo.

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Claudette A (mx) wrote: Loved it, because it was believable. Now I want to see the original Japanese version.

Sharad Y (nl) wrote: Like reading a novel...

Philip V (it) wrote: Very bad movie but the action was great. I gave this 4 stars solely on the action sequences because the story was just awful. LoL

Mike B (gb) wrote: Happening right now. Prophetic.

Jerry S (ag) wrote: Same what comes out of my butt hole. Some few good cracks between shitty story and lame parody. Forget you ever saw this movie anywhere.

Theodosia M (jp) wrote: Simply put, shallow and insulting.

Arthur C (jp) wrote: Great director - fantastic '80s homage horror - soooooo entertaining

Ratnakar S (kr) wrote: Becket is the reason I still have a love for classic cinema. The conflict between Church and State, the inner dilemma of friendship vs conscience, has been wonderfully captured. Thomas Beckett owes his position as Archbishop of Canterbury to his friend King Henry II's decision. For Henry it was more or less a strategic movie to assert the power of the Throne over the entrenched clergy. It however goes against him, when Becket feels that loyalty to God is more important than to the State. Watch it for the sharply contrasting and equally great performances by both the leads. Peter O Toole all fire,as the arrogant, impetuous, emotionally wrought Henry II, torn between his friendship and desire for power, while Richard Burton is the ice, with his steady,subtle portrayal of the Archbishop who has to turn against his friend.

Jennifer B (es) wrote: Oscar win best actress Simone Signoret

Byron B (de) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

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