Genesis: The Creation and the Flood

Genesis: The Creation and the Flood

An all-enveloping darkness. Suddenly, a child's voice, frightened, questioning, pierces the darkness... The first flickering rays of light begin to sculpt mysterious shapes out of the darkness ... Among them, a very old man. He reassures the child, exhorting him to see the wonders of the earth. And it is with this child's eyes that we will witness the creation of the world.

An all-enveloping darkness. Suddenly, a child's voice, frightened, questioning, pierces the darkness... The first flickering rays of light begin to sculpt mysterious shapes out of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (it) wrote: Justice League: Doom is an interesting take on Batman's abilities and how he can trump the super-beings of the world. It brings to light many questions of the rights and wrongs of the super-beings and does it in very creative ways.

Hayden B (gb) wrote: For once I disagree with the majority of the critic reviews. The second she started crying...In all my life I haven't seen crying that real in a movie. May not be the best script. But It had that great film festival realization feel and the acting was much better than expected. Cry during a comedy? I fell in love with her at that moment because i'm a kid I guess. It meant a lot to me.

Tom P (nl) wrote: 1/23/12(with full English subtitles)

n b (jp) wrote: Great performances by Diana Bracho & cast.Funny plot ...BIEN POR EL CINE MEXICANO QUE NO SOLO APUESTA POR MOSTRAR LAS DESGRACIAS DEL PAIS.Bravo!!!

Yolanda a (es) wrote: Funny, my son loves this!

Abel D (es) wrote: Sugary for sure, but it's a modern fairytale, and delivers exactly what it says on the tin, for better and worse. Inconsequential fluff, but good performances, especially a wonderful Highmore as a child prodigy, slick directing and some strong musical work from Mancina.

Bill M (br) wrote: A completely mental film experience, Domino is all over the place, a unique mix of biopic and visually kinetic. gonzo action madness. The unbelievably true, fascinating life story of Domino Harvey gets a little lost in all the excess, but Tony Scott uses it as a jumping off point to go all out with his hugely inventive, restless camera work and editing, this movie is an audio/visual headfuck! Keira Knightly is possibly a bit miscast but still the most appealing and surprisingly cool the sometimes annoying actress has ever been, the narrative is a loud clusterfuck and it's often pretty fucking exhausting to watch, but it's also an experimental, inventive piece of pop art brilliance, an uncategorizable madhouse of modern action film-making.

kairy f (kr) wrote: A GREAT story about family! Watch this!

kivernitis I (ru) wrote: In the nineties, Belgium gave us two or rather three great directors: Jaco Van Dormael (the terrific "Toto the hero" 1991) and the Dardenne brothers. But the cinema of the latter is more realist and matter-of-fact. Furthermore, it evokes Ken Loach's with a difference: if Ken Loach presents the pains of Western society by introducing humor, it isn't the same thing with the Dardenne brothers where humor is absent.For "the promise", the Dardenne brothers opted for neutrality and sobriety: short and quick dialogs, a film that essentially relies on the characters' gestures and countenances, no music, a vivid and rough directing that often shows the actors with back turned and especially a will to show a bleak social reality (the migrant workers' exploitation) and for this the movie almost takes a documentary aspect. The authors don't pass judgment, they don't feel pity. They just take a gritty and harsh look on these emigrants who live in dilapidated flats with a starvation wage. Besides, we can take down a significant detail: their hard living conditions echoes to a gray sky and it gives to the film a dull atmosphere.An important point of the film is the relationship between Igor and his father. The beginning of the film presents a relationship between a father and his son that we could describe as complicity. At this moment, the movie becomes tinged with tenderness. But throughout the movie, this complicity gradually turns into an open opposition and the consequences of Igor's promise open his eyes on his fathers' cruelty."The promise" is also a movie that includes powerful moments because the suggested has the edge on the showed: Hammidou's mortal accident, the very last sequence of the movie when Igor decides to reveal the truth to Assita about her husband (we don't see her face but the simple view of her bent back makes us suggest her sadness.The performance is also remarkable. Beginning with Jrmie Rgnier who brings a lot of freshness to his character and the authors gave him the picture of a friendly boy. It is interesting to notice that he and "Rosetta" (1999) have a few common points. For example, they evolute in a tough environment. Moreover, Olivier Gourmet's awesome performance in the role of the father adds to the success of the film."The promise" shows the Dardenne's brothers' talent who are the main leaders of Belgian cinema.

Jason Z (kr) wrote: it tried.. but is missing something.. well alot of something actualy

Directors C (gb) wrote: It's a good film, but only for it's obvious target audience. It has a few funny moments but it got boring in it's second half and ran out of steam. The performance of Goldie Hawn is great but everything else could have been better leaving this chick flick as enjoyable as accidentally signing up for the army.

Susana M (ru) wrote: It's a good western. Very amusing.

Georgie M (ag) wrote: Largely forgotten in favor of other psychobiddy thrillers of the time like Baby Jane and Charlotte, Lady in a Cage is a wonderfully terse and deliciously mean-spirited addition to the genre. It definitely won't be the greatest movie you'll ever see, but it's a ton of campy fun.

Guimo P (it) wrote: Rocco and His Brothers is pregnant with historical imageries and rich emotions. Full of pathos, the story has such powerful complexity and intensity that stays with you for a long time. Truly, it is a timeless classic.

Jessie C (de) wrote: I love these black and white, old classics! Why does it seem like they did more with their films when they had less technology available to them? They don't have that ~Hollywood Magic~ that does their effects for them, it was all camera tricks and carefully strategized, one-chance-to-get-the-shot filmmaking and it is beyond impressive.I enjoyed watching this! Full of cool and clever special effects and plenty of moments to make you laugh. Chaplin did such a good job of creating such a silly little character. The story was creative and fascinating, with imaginative concepts and energetic cinematography. It was a fun watch for sure. Delightfully absurd, yet it did give voice to the woes of unemployment and the voracious appetite of capitalism at the price of some disposable human equipment. Silliness with a sting. I recommend it!8/10Bye love you

Michelle C (us) wrote: With such low ratings, I feared this would be worse than it was. It was an ok movie; not bad, but not that great either. Indie music in indie film with just eh acting.