Gente de mala calidad

Gente de mala calidad

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Anthony J (es) wrote: With a rating of 4/5 for a Van Damme flick, you might think I'm a little biased toward the Belgian actor. Ya, I definitely am, but honestly , I've never seen a performance like this from him. He's funny, wierd and an absolute psychopath. When I see him in this, I see the same disregard of human life like the character Amon Goeth of Schindler's List. Tom Everett Scott is quite good aswell. I remember his character in " Dead man on Campus" after he infiltrates his campus talking about how "VAN DAMME" that was. I'm sure they had a blast filming this.

Elaine C (jp) wrote: beautiful opening song and nice shots, it's nice to use shots of railways to connect 3 stories which also act as metaphors of diff periods of ppl's lives and how differently ppl may move on with their own paths...

A Z (jp) wrote: Really dark, too dark to like too much, but it's well done.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: When found footage films were all the rage this is one of the better ones, It's set in New York and it's about a giant alien type creature goes into Godzilla mode and we follow a group of friends trying to escape, It had some great effects and some gripping moments but not enough horror but still a great film that had a few jaw dropping moments too and should not be missed.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: David Lynch se aleja de sus temas habituales y nos ofrece una historia simple y cautivante a la vez. Tiene muchos puntos a favor la msica hecha por el gran Angelo Badalamenti las actuaciones de Sissy Spacek y un portentoso Richard Farnsworth. Entraable e imprescindible pelcula.

Kris B (jp) wrote: Dark, awkward, twisted, and wildly inappropriate. This unconventional love story, no doubt, will draw comparisons with the much anticipated release of the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey not only because James Spader's character shares the same surname as well as the main protagonist sharing the same physical attributes but because it draws attention to S&M.That would be where the comparisons end because Secretary has far more substance and the sexual tension between Gyllenhaal and Spader's are truly electrifying enough to successfully draw out the tension further without losing the audience's attention. Stand out performances by these talented actors brings this movie home.

Fran H (gb) wrote: This movie is hard to categorize. Clearly it is innovative and powerful and visually stunning. And morose and sad. Visually gorgeous. And it has to affect you in some way. It affected me a lot, which I suppose means it's a good film in that it touched the audience. I didn't like HOW it affected me, and it's not something I want to watch more than once or twice. But I was impressed by it, maybe because it gives a fairly detailed conception of the afterlife. Whether you believe it or not, at least you have to give the film points for producing such a vast vision of how it might be. It's just too sad and morose for me.

Leonardo Malacay S (mx) wrote: una comedia mas sobre las dictaduras que a duras penas llega a ser entretenida

Greg W (gb) wrote: awesome race pic plus steve mcqueen = good pic

Steven A (ru) wrote: I remember watching this movie as a ten year old thinking it doesn't make any sense. As I grew up I always remembered this movie and wondered if my age limited my comprehension. Then after watching Brian DePalma ruin multiple other decent scripts with his lackadaisical directing, I realised I wasn't the problem.I saw this movie again just last night and found it more absurd this time than when I was a child. I'll always see DePalma as the Hollywood director who bites off more than he can chew. His successful movies would have been successes no matter who was directing them.

Eric H (ca) wrote: a typical story that's easy to swallow, with some humor and a twist that you saw from afar arrive, but was pretty smart put together. An excellent movie for a regular Friday night.

Helene A (de) wrote: I believe some critics were a bit too harsh in judging this film. I found it beautiful, touching and inspiring, well- written,masterfully acted and directed.