Gentleman's Agreement

Gentleman's Agreement

A magazine writer poses as a Jew to expose anti-Semitism.

A reporter pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story on anti-Semitism, and personally discovers the true depths of bigotry and hatred. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gretchen W (jp) wrote: It wasn't that funny

Faisal M (mx) wrote: i dunno why this movie was a flop.. mch better than alot of movies.. really enjoyed the movie and think ali fazal can become a good actor (he acted in 3 idiots, though had a small part).. enjoyed the movie!

Saad K (gb) wrote: Freerunner - TRASH IT (D)A group of freerunners race for their lives after being outfitted with explosive collars, and given 90 minutes to reach the other side of town or die trying. Ryan (Sean Faris) and his fellow parkour enthusiasts are used to taking big risks, and they make big money pushing the boundaries of physical endurance. But when Mr. Frank (Danny Dyer) enters the picture, Ryan's favorite pastime turns deadly serious. Mr. Frank and his friends are gamblers with no regard for human life, and their latest bet is which of the runners can navigate their urban jungle the fastest. With ticking time bombs strapped around their necks, the runners must find their way across the city in less than 90 minutes. The winner will receive a cool $1 million, and everyone else will get a splitting headache. When Ryan learns that his girlfriend has been kidnapped as well, he quickly realizes that he's got his work cut out for him. (RT)The only good thing about freerunner is its free running in the mist of horrible acting, yelling, production and dialogues.No need to watch it at all.

Christophe C (au) wrote: La comdie franaise dans ce qu'elle a de plus simple et de plus sincre. Un vrai moment de dtente...

Cory O (us) wrote: Not much to say about this movie. About what was expected

John F (ca) wrote: I was expecting a lot more action. Alexandra Staden is much better in 'The Task'

horse c (nl) wrote: Not suspenceful, but fun none the less!

Cita W (ru) wrote: The story's shit, the acting's utter shit, the directing is shit but the sex scenes are the best I've ever seen. And that alone deserves 3 1/2 stars.

Segundo V (kr) wrote: Ah yeah, I remember seeing the trailer back in 2008 and wanting to see it. 8 years later, through the magic that is the internet, I finally got my wish. And I gotta say, for a film collaboration between one of the best film industries in the world (Disney) and one of the worst (Happy Masion), it's... nice. I mean, it loses some points for Skeeter being kind of an assh- oh wait, this is a Disney movie, I mean, jerk in the beginning, Rob Schneider making three cameos, it being hardly the greatest movie ever and throwing all logic out the window in the climax (then again, this IS a Disney movie, so that goes without saying), but as far as children movies go, it's not bad. it does its job fine and kids will be entertained by it, and maybe some adults will get a chuckle or two out of it (I know I did). Besides, considering the main actor and his company's record, it could've been worse.

Vtor M (ag) wrote: este um filme despretensioso, em alguns aspectos, mas em ltima anlise western decente e por vezes impressionantemente bonito.