Georg is a biography drama film about Estonian singer Georg Ots.

A movie about the life of legendary Estonian singer Georg Ots. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jarrad b (it) wrote: An absorbing documetary thats rumbles towards its inevitable conclusion. It makes you feel sorry for the ordinary fan, but when do they ever matter. The real kicker is that Seattle doesn't have any access to their history, its all owned and controlled by Clay, horrible stuff.

Maribel G (mx) wrote: I loved this movie. It was sad, funny and very real. The ending was perfect.

Matt R (nl) wrote: A whodunnit thriller with a truly original and unpredictable twist.

Lucy W (ag) wrote: Great film, tottally loved it, john bonjovi rocks and he's awsome in this :) awsome film

Ashley H (es) wrote: Return of the Magnificent Seven is a disappointing film. It is about a bandit leader who wants to build a church in memory of his dead sons, he raids three Mexican villages and kidnaps all the men for labor. Yul Brynner and Robert Fuller give good performances despite a terrible script. Burt Kennedy did a horrible job directing this movie. I enjoyed the original Magnificent Seven but was disappointed in its sequel.

Garrett C (br) wrote: Very similar in feel and plot to "The Tall T," but an above average Gary Cooper vehicle nonetheless. The outdoor photography is especially notable.

RJohn X (ca) wrote: the peasant girls are in danger in the woods again! Luckily for Caroline Munro, looking brilliant and acting through hair flips, the sword buckling master vampire killer is here. Captain Kronos, himself, is a bit of a dork. But he has a hunchback, academic assistant who is probably a Red Communist or at least a Trotskyite. Of course, you figure out who or WHOM is behind all the blood draining fairly quickly, but luckily the movie does not waste any time making you wait for the pay off. Great movie this one. Especially for the tree sitting stake outs and the weird dead frog traps.

Aman A (ru) wrote: This movie was more like a lesson in Psychology than a movie. It was didactic to say the least! Directed in a Brechtian manner, it made you think at every point. It makes you analyze yourself, the people around you and the situations that define them. It is a serious movie that is done in a manner that even non-serious movies can watch. Watch this movie if you enjoy psychology, if you want to learn about what drives people to commit mass murder and if you basically interested in thinking rather than just viewing.

Dylan K (ag) wrote: the first half seems like a comedy movie but the rest turns into a stereotypical superhero movie with an strange amount of absurdness