George and the Dragon

George and the Dragon

A knight returning from the Crusades takes on a dragon and becomes a legend.

A knight returning from the Crusades takes on a dragon and becomes a legend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


George and the Dragon torrent reviews

Thaina F (es) wrote: creepy movie! overall pretty good movie. I loved how the changed the story line up and made it into a paranormal movie versus a murder story. could've had a better ending but hopefully there's another movie.

Colin W (fr) wrote: Shame on the critics. We really should judge films on the many and varied ways they can shine or fall down. This was an excellent film although more suited to adult audiences with the right disposition. I was really unsure how this film was going to end, and it did not disappoint. The doppelganger aspect of the story was totally believable and it was a pleasure to watch the two leads weave their spell. A gem.

Inta K (ru) wrote: really amazing movie!!! so many good ideas inside it!

Bryan K (ag) wrote: Railroaded by self-righteous, opportunistic, power-hungry pricks... an infuriating film/tale, but great!!!

Jennifer B (gb) wrote: sequal to dogville well made and i liked the message, but it was very long and not quite as powerful as the first

Evelyn M (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this quite a lot. Luke Wilson was incredibly attractive before he became super-famous/bloated.

Karungari G (fr) wrote: Loved it was very moving

Gareth D (fr) wrote: Hard to watch another film once this mould breaker enters the subconscious. Fantastic drive using masterful editing. A genuine classic.

Natalie K (us) wrote: Found this one in a discount movie bin. Should have left it there.

Mathieu L (ag) wrote: Cru et dpressif, mais bien fait.

Tom B (mx) wrote: awful dreary film for JM fans only. Avoid.

Idris K (kr) wrote: This film succeeds surprisingly well at scaring me. But the funny thing is that it is the most scary when it isn't actively trying to scare you. The atmosphere is tense and it really gets under your skin from time to time.