George Michael: Live in London

George Michael: Live in London

Live in London is a live concert recording of George Michael's finals two concerts in London's Earls Court arena on 24th and 25th August 2008 as part of his 25 Live tour. This is the first live DVD of George Michael's career. 01. Waiting (Reprise) - 02. Fastlove - 03. I’m Your Man - 04. Flawless (Go to the City) - 05. Father Figure 06. You Have Been Loved - 07. An Easier Affair - 08. Everything She Wants - 09. One More Try - 10. Different Corner - 11. Too Funky - 12. Shoot the Dog - 13. John and Elvis Are Dead - 14. Faith - 15. Spinning the Wheel - 16. Feeling Good - 17. Roxanne - 18. My Mother Had a Brother - 19. Amazing - 20. Fantasy - 21. Outside - 22. Careless Whisper - 23. Freedom ’90

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